Mash & Boil
  • Brewer's Edge® Mash & Boil
  • This shows the grain basket on its side
  • T65 Brewer's Edge Thermometer in the provided lid hole (thermometer not included)
  • This shows the grain basket lifted and locked for sparging
  • This shows inside with the temperature probe and valve backnut
  • This shows the inside gallon markers
  • The ½" hose barb can be unscrewed, leaving ½" threads to fit all ½" NPT accessories such as item L70
  • This shows it with optional lid L14 and optional Condenser P34
  • With the grain basket on the side
  • Shown with optional Distilling Lid & optional T500 Copper Condenser
  • This shows optional lid L14 with a #10 stopper and airlock as a fermenter

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• Simple to use
• High quality components throughout for dependable operation
• Versatile - Mash, Boil, and Distill with optional Distilling package
• Two Year Warranty

Do you want to get into mashing but want something simple? The patented Brewer’s Edge® Mash & Boil makes it easy. No need for an outdoor burner, complicated brewing stand, or a 220 volt special circuit - it plugs into any 110 volt GFI household outlet. The Mash and Boil’s exclusive double wall stainless construction conserves heat to achieve a rolling boil with only 110 volts and 1600 watts, and its precise thermostat and internal sparging basket lets you mash and boil in the same vessel. Protected by U.S. patent D819,385 S.

A typical brew day with the Mash & Boil begins with formulating your 5 gallon all grain recipe (up to 16 pounds of crushed grain can be mashed), and then heating your strike water to 162° F, the preset heat temperature. After 40 minutes or so, your strike water is 162° F, and you mix your crushed grain into the sparging basket already inside the Mash and Boil. The mash will cool to 152° or so, and then you set your thermostat to 150°, cover, and let mash for 1 hour. During this mash time you will need to separately heat 3 gallons of sparge water to 175° in a separate pot you provide. A thermometer hole is provided in the lid, in case you want to monitor the temperature of the top of the mash with any long probe analog or digital thermometer.
After one hour, lift the sparging bucket and lock on its included legs, and let the malt sugar drip into your Mash & Boil, which has now became a boiling pot. Turn the thermostat up to 218° F. and give it about 40 minutes to heat to a boil. During this time, ladle one gallon of hot sparge water at a time into the top of the sparging basket until you get to 5½ gallons. Now remove the grain basket, and when the boil begins, add your hops as per your recipe. Boil for 1 hour, and then cool with a suitable wort chiller (not included, our item E81 works well as does any immersion chiller that is up to 11" in diameter). Or use the stainless valve with ½” hose barb to run the wort through your external chiller.

The Mash & Boil features an adjustable thermostat with a range of 45° F. to 218° F. (switchable from Fahrenheit to Centigrade) with an adjustable run time preset at 3½ hours for safety. It also features a delayed start timer, so you can program the Mash and Boil to turn on up to 24 hours after setting. For example, load it with strike water, and have it set to be hot when you come home from work to save time. Intended for 5 gallon batches, maximum capacity is 7½ gallons. 28” tall closed, 40” tall with basket, 14” wide. A 5' power cord is included.
Convert the Mash & Boil to a still with optional Mash & Boiling Distilling Package (see at right).

  Click to download the Mash & Boil instruction manual.

  Click to download the instructions for switching from Fahrenheit to Centigrade.


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by Robert
on 10/17/2018
from Mississippi
Easy and fun to use
I started as an extract brewer in the mid '90's and moved to all-grain with a 3-tier system using propane burners in 2000.  About 8 years ago I moved to BIAB, first on the same giant kettles outside, but then later to a 3 gallon stovetop system so that I could be inside year round.  The Mash & Boil has the best of all of these systems and is much more affordable compared to other all in one electric systems.

I've brewed 3 batches so far on my system and hit the numbers each time.  I have this in my basement with a fan in the window for ventilation and I don't clutter up the kitchen with pots and grain messes.

I am currently using it as a BIAB-type system with just the grain tube doing 3 gallon batches and full volume mashes.  It works perfectly for this and there are only 2 components to clean up.

Support from Brewer's Edge has been solid, I have bugged them with many questions and they are always quick to reply.

by Ian Wilson
on 9/7/2018
from San Leandro
Lovin' my Mash & Boil!
I've been brewing since 1994 when I was given my first homebrew kit. I got into all grain after a couple of batches. I have a huge 15 gallon propane fired, three position brew rig equipped with pump, water filter and GFI electric. In short - a pilot brewing system.

I wanted something easier to brew with. After looking into every option available, and I mean hours of research and comparison, I went with the M&B for price, quality and function. And I made the right call.

I've brewed three batches on my M&B, now. It's much easier to set up than my rig. Clean up is a breeze. And the results are solid. The unit is well built and well laid out.

I'm having a ball with my M&B. Smaller batches are easier to manage. Easier to set up. Easier to use. Easier to hit numbers. Easier to control. Easier to maintain consistency of brews.

I'm going to sell my big rig and stick with my M&B.
by Bob
on 6/13/2018
from SE Arizona
Great Product
I have been home brewing off and on for 15 years,and have been looking for a faster easier way to make beer.  I have now found it.

Ordered the Mash and Boil on a Monday and received the order on Wednesday.  Nothing missing from the order and everything was very well packed.

The included instruction booklet  was well written and easy to follow.

Sparged 13 lb of grains in it, with zero problems.

Water came up to temp. full boil in less than 40 min. and held the set temperature within 2 degrees.

Clean up went really fast, rinsed out and scrubbed the pot.  Dried it out and next week will do another batch and let it ferment in the Brew and Boil with the distilling lid on it.

Highly recommend the Mash and Boil. 
by Bryan
on 4/23/2018
from CT
Makes me love brewing again
Background: I've been continuously brewing for 16+ years almost always all-grain, LP, and 5-40 gallons. 

I decided to go all electric so I can brew inside and also not have to worry about how much propane I had on hand. Being close to a faucet with hot water helps with cleanup.

I've now completed 4 brews on this system (I paired the Mash and Boil with the GF HLT [L03] and a copper IC [E81]).  I wired up a 20 (MLT) and 15 (HLT) amp circuit.

I've made up to 6 gallon batches and been getting about 70% effic.  Use is easy, and I love the timer aspect. Being able to wake up and have the strike water at temp is amazing!  

The temp swing on the thermometer is kinda wide.  I also found you can't rely on it for measuring the chilling phase because, I hypothesize, the blanket of hop trub insulates the small thermowell (Said 70 was 55F).  Also, for the best boil, set it to 129F. All in all, I love it and am glad I didn't buy anything (GF/RB) unnecessarily complex and expensive. 
by Joe Whiting
on 2/26/2018
from Skaneateles, Ny Y
Jump In !
As a long time extract and specialty grain home brewer it was inevitable that I would go into all grain but so many choices and so many steps. This machine worked like a charm the first time I used it. It simplifies and de-mistifies the process. Very reasonable  price, quick service and a human voice at the other end of the phone. I can't wait to brew my next batch ! The only thing I would add is that the directions for the amount of sparge water is way off ( too low ) so just adjust until you get over the 5 gallon mark for the final boil. If you are as confused as I was about what system to try, I'll make the decision easy; get The Brewers Edge Mash & Boil, you won't be disappointed .
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Terry McGuan
9/4/2018 1:52:48 PM
If you buy the sealed lid, isn’t there too much headspace to ferment 5 gallons?
The headspace contains the foamy krausen head and we think it is needed for this purpose.
8/5/2018 3:46:12 PM
Anyone know what ER1 is all about, and how to clear it (other than hitting the reset)?
ER1 is an thermostat error code, usually caused by the thermostat wire becoming loose where it attaches to the circuit board. It can usually be fixed by opening the unit and reseating the thermostat wire plug onto the circuit board.
7/10/2018 6:44:12 AM
What is the life expectancy of the heating element that is utilized?
We have not heard of a heating element fail yet, and we have been using and testing the Mash & Boil for over 3 years. It of course is possible it will fail, we just have not had the units for long enough to know when.
6/19/2018 2:25:25 PM
I purchased my Mash and Boil soon after its release. The model I have does not have the clips for the distilling lid. Is there a way to add them now? Where can I find them? Are they brazed or welded on? Thanks
They are spot welded on but we do not have these as a separate item.
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