Mash & Boil Series 2 Small Batch Adapter

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This all stainless adapter blocks the side perforations on the Series 2 Mash & Boil Grain Basket, so you can do small 2½ gallon batches.  Get this if you are ordering a Series 2 Mash & Boil, and want to use 7 pounds or less of malt per batch. Not needed for grain bills exceeding 7 pounds. 

Note: You will need to remove the handle of your Series 2 Grain Basket to install this which is easy to do. The handle can be put back on the basket once this adapter is installed.

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Very heavy duty

Review by Charlie on 12/20/2021

This is much heavier stainless steel and higher build quality than the Anvil. Easy to use just drop it in.

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