William's Home Winery

Winemaking with our William's Home Winery is a simple process; just mix your varietal grape juice with yeast, and let ferment for a 4 months until it is time to bottle. Unlike brewing, which requires you to boil malt with hops to create your fermentable wort, winemaking does not require a boiling pot, forced cooling, or delicate liquid yeast cultures to produce a great wine.

Great wine does require the finest quality grape juice or concentrate, undiluted by added sugar or generic concentrate, and it also needs extended aging periods of 3 to 6 months for whites, and a year or more for reds. Great wine is all about the quality and quantity of varietal grape juice.

To go with your William’s California Wine Kit, our Home Winery includes everything you need to make winemaking easy and satisfying.

The added benefit of our William’s Home Winery? Cost savings. If you use our Home Winery with our California Wine Kits, you can make your own wine for less than $3.50 a bottle.

Three or five gallon? Our Three Gallon Winery features a 3 gallon secondary fermenter which is easier to lift and carry. If you purchase the five gallon winery, keep in mind the 5 gallon secondary weighs almost 50 lbs., so if weight is an issue, pick the three gallon version.