Grainfather False Bottom

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This type 304 stainless false bottom has been designed to perfectly fit the G30 Grainfather. Includes pictured lifting ring. 11 5/8" overall diameter (290mm), and the 3 legs are 1 1/2" high, or 35mm.

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Mostly, really good

Review by RickW on 12/18/2022

I've used this false bottom for one brew so far: an IPA. It did a really good job filtering out the hops (so that they didn't make it into the fermenter). The 2 reasons I give 4 (not 5) stars is: 1. the lift ring is too big, so it hits the bottom of the mash pipe. 2. the metal is a bit thin, and thus a bit flimsy. Bottom line: If you often brew using lots of kettle hops, then you should get one of these.

Future brews will tell

Review by Nick D on 12/15/2022

It's a tight fit. Almost to the point I'm worried that it will scratch the walls of the grainfather. The ring on top bumps into the false bottom of the mash bin. Which also raises the mash bin so adjust your software to take in account the extra deadspace.

Oct 20, 2022 by Rob

Q: So, why? If this doesn’t fit within the grain sleeve then what’s the purpose? Is it a second false bottom? And wouldn’t the ring punch through or interfere the false bottom disk in the grain sleeve as it exists? Any details/pictures would be great, thanks WB for everything

A: Probably the best way to answer this is to see David Heath's YouTube video:

Oct 07, 2022 by Kevin McCune

Q: Does this replace the bottom of the grain basket without the need for the gasket?

A: No, this is not part of the grain basket, this is a separate false bottom that goes in the unit before the grain basket.

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