If you prefer bottling your beers opposed to kegging, William’s Brewing carries a wide selection of homebrew bottles. Whether you are looking for a standard beer bottle or perhaps a bottle with a swing top for easy reclosing, William’s has you covered.

Our classic 12 oz. amber longneck is one of our most popular homebrew bottles. Coming in cases of 20 or 24, these bottles are perfect for many types of homemade brews.

We also offer the amber longneck in a 22 oz. size which reduces bottle cap usual by nearly 50% at bottling. These bottles are made in the U.S. and are great if you are looking to gift your homemade beers to friends and family!

Speaking of gifts, William’s also carries plain, cardboard six-pack holders. These are absolutely perfect for gifting your homebrew bottles. The six-pack holder measures 7.5" long, 5" wide, and 8.25" tall with handle.

If Belgian beers are more your style, we also carry bottles specifically designed for Belgian ales. These bottles come in cases of 12 and must be corked with our 25.5mm Belgian ale corks (using a floor corker), which are then secured with a wire tire down.

For all other bottles, make sure you don’t forget bottle caps!