187ml. Clear Beer Bottles - Case Of 24 (Actual Shipping Item)

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These 187ml. or 6.3 fluid ounce clear beer bottles are strong enough for champagne, and perfect for strong beer, spirits, and champagne.  Ideally suited for distilling, as the 6.3 ounce size means they do not hold too much, and the clear glass lets you see how your oak stick or spiral is coloring the spirit over time. Shown at right in the picture above with bourbon, and a Toasted Oak Stick added for barrel aging.

NOTE: This item weighs about 17 lbs. total, and actual Fedex Ground shipping based on your delivery zip code will be charged at checkout.

Apr 18, 2022 by morgan

Q: What are the specific dimensions of the bottle?

A: They measure 7.5" tall and 2" in diameter at the bottom.

Jul 31, 2021 by Paul Gill

Q: Will a Coronita salt and pepper shaker cap fit?

A: If the cap fits a pry off Corona beer bottle, it should fit.

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