Distilling Equipment

What Type Of Still To Buy?

Stills for alcohol range from a simple pot still, which is just a heated chamber with a steam exit tube that is cooled to condense alcohol, to more complex reflex stills, which usually incorporate a fractionating columm to maximize condensation surface area and increase the purity of the finished alcohol. The type of still you buy is determined by how pure you want your finished drink; a pot still will create a less pure lower proof product, but also let the mash flavors through, desirable in the production of traditional whiskey and cognac.  A reflex still will create a higher proof and higher purity finished alcohol, needed for the production of clear spirits like gin, vodka, and those you make by steeping fruit and other botanicals.

We offer stills in components, including the Still Spirits Alembic Dome and Copper Pot Condensor, as well as two fractionating reflex stills, the Still Spirits Turbo 500 in both stainless and all copper. The good news about components is you can attach them to everything from the Turbo 500 Boiler to a Grainfather (with the proper still lid).