Picnic Tap 2.1 Low Profile Keg Faucet

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The Low Profile Picnic Tap 2.1 from Homebrewer Labs is the only keg mounted tap to feature an Integral Progressive Flow Reducer, capped off with an American made twist tap head to prevent dripping between pours. The Progressive Flow Reducer eliminates excessive foaming without the need for a long beer line, and the low thermal mass of the unit means there is less faucet to cool down when pouring the first beer, further minimizing foaming caused by a warm faucet. 

Fits any ball lock keg, and its low profile design means it will not increase the overall height of your keg when dispensing. 

Average rating 10 out of 10 ( based on 2 reviews )

Low Profile Faucet

Review by Ted Davis on 5/19/2023

Bought two and each arrived with the drive nut. Reached out to William’s Brewing and they responded within an hour that parts would be sent out in a couple of days. Better yet, owner/manufacturer sent parts out straight away. Shout out to everyone and BTW these taps are an awesome addition to my 1.75 gallon corny kegs. The pour is spot on!

Picnic tap

Review by Kevin McCune on 5/14/2023

This thing is awesome. Directions are a bit weird, just follow them and push it together. No more tap line to clean!

May 10, 2023 by Don

Q: How can the Progressive Flow Reducer be modified to control flow?

A: There is no need to add a flow control feature as the "Progressive Flow Reducer" does the same thing . It reduces the flow to prevent foaming.

Apr 19, 2023 by Noe

Q: Does this include the ball lock bev out quick disconnect?

A: Yes

Apr 19, 2023 by Tony

Q: Does this mate directly to the Duotight Ball lock QD?

A: It mounts directly into a 9.5mm Duotight ball lock (item D58) which is included.

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