White California Wine Making Kits


Here at William’s, we have have strived to perfect our white wine kites with one goal in mind: to allow our customers to craft their own white wines easy and deliciously. William’s white wine kits include 192 ounces of pure California varietal grape concentrate. Our white wine kits include a special selection of dry wine yeast, oak chips, and various nutrients. Best of all, our kits do not include any added sugar! 


If you are looking for a wine with a fruity, floral character, look no further than riesling. Our riesling white wine kit can produce excellent wine after only 3 months of aging, so this kit is perfect for someone trying their hand at wine-making with a short time frame.


This chardonnay kit features grapes grown in Woodbridge, California. Chardonnay is a grape that produces a full-bodied white wine with a hint of buttery softness and full fruit character. This one can taste fully mature at 1 year after bottling but can also be enjoyed after about 6 months of aging.


Muscat is the world's oldest documented grape variety, with roots to 13th century Greece and parts of the Mediterranean. This white wine kit produces a Muscat with a slightly sweet, floral character, ideal for sipping on summer days or as a dessert wine.

Get your William’s white wine kit today, and in a few months, you can be enjoying some truly delicious white wines all crafted by yourself!