Muscat Wine Making Kit For 3 Gallons

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Making your own wine is satisfying and easy.  As long as you ferment great juice, keep everything sanitary, and give it enough time to age (3 months or more for whites, 6 months or more for reds), you will get great wine.

Here at William’s, we have developed our William’s California Wine Kits with this philosophy in mind. Our Kits include 116 ounces of pure California varietal grape concentrate, condensed at temperatures that never exceed 180 degrees F. from Central Valley wine grapes picked at their ripe peak in the late Summer and early Fall. To complement the varietal juice, specially selected dry wine yeast, oak chips, and nutrient are also included as needed. Unlike many wine kits featuring added sugar, this 116 ounces of pure concentrate is all that is needed (except for the yeast and additives) to produce 3 gallons of varietal wine.

REFRIGERATION REQUIRED: Refrigerate this product upon receipt. Shelf life is 4 weeks after receipt if refrigerated. 

Muscat is the world's oldest documented grape variety, with roots to 13th century Greece and parts of the Mediterranean. This kit produces a white wine with a slightly sweet, floral character, ideal for sipping on Summer days, or as a dessert wine.

Click to download the instructions in pdf format.

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small wine maker

Review by steve T on 9/7/2017

very easy to use ,directions easy to read.Great for beginers

Dim the lights...cue music!

Review by Thomas on 5/23/2014

Williams sent a link, asking for a review...but I just got the kit 2 weeks ago! Bought this for my wife as a gift. When I used to go soaring in the wine country, I'd stop by the Martini Winery and pick up an effervescent Muscat Amable. It made for a very high-brow, elegant entrance at home. ;^ ) I thought it was a delicious wine, although I'm really a red drinker and sweet wines often taste like pancake syrup to me! The bubbly gave it a completely different demension, a taste reminescent of light apricot. Oh man, REALLY GOOD. As good as the first kiss from a beautiful new girlfriend. So I am attempting to replicate that wine for lovely wife of 34 years. I have champagne bottles/corks/cages, and will add 8oz. of sterilized bottling sugar to the wine just prior to bottling. I'll do a followup to let you know how it went. WB Support was awesome in answering all my questions and processing my order. She's going to LOVE it. Dim the lights, cue for that kiss?

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