2½ Gallon NSF Rubber Top Keg King Keg

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Our new NSF certified stainless steel 2½ gallon kegs from Keg King have two ball-lock male quick disconnect fittings that hold pressure even when not connected, allowing you to have several kegs aging while one is tapped.  This keg is only 15" tall. Rubber top and bottom make this keg extremely durable. 

Smooth robotic interior welds conform to strict NSF standards. 8½" wide. Includes an exclusive interior lid hang tab for hanging hop infusers and dry hopping bags.  Made in China.


Average rating 10 out of 10 ( based on 8 reviews )

short corny kegs rule

Review by eric on 6/21/2012

I have three of these kegs- they are very high quality and quite handy. I make 5 gal batches and it is very convenient to keg 1/2 of it and bottle 1/2 of it. Its a perfect mix. I like the rubber handles-they are easier to carry and stack.

Solid kegs

Review by Rob on 12/31/2013

These are very well made and will last a long time. They are the perfect size for kegging smaller batches or half of a 5 gallon batch. I will be buying another one of these soon!

these kegs are excellent quality

Review by jeff on 1/5/2016

I received my 2.5 gal mini keg today. Very impressed with the quality, inside and out. The keg seals with no issues better than average and held pressure for hours without losing a fraction of a PSI. I brew 18-20 gallon batches and often counter pressure fill small kegs to take out of the brewery for the afternoon or weekend. I have to take back up CO2 along normally because small kegs tend to not hold pressure as well. This one seals so well I should be able to dispense up to a gallon or so without backup CO2. Very pleased.

Held pressure during shipping

Review by Nado on 8/16/2016

Needed a keg that would fit in a 10 gallon water cooler. This one fit the bill completely. My only issue is not with the keg but that I forgot to strain the lime pulp out before I filled the keg with margaritas - the dip tube clogged up with the pulp. Great keg - holds pressure better than the 3 old ones I have. Seems to be very high quality too..

Great little keg

Review by Michael on 10/27/2017

These little kegs are just wonderful for that extra two gallons or so you end up with when you are filling your 5 gallon ones. They also are a lot easier to keep in kitchen fridge without taking too much space!

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Apr 11, 2021 by Kevin

Q: Do these 2.5 gal. Kegs work with a cartridge and regulator?

A: Yes, any regulator that can attach to a ball lock keg will work.

Aug 03, 2020 by John

Q: What are the dimensions of this lid? Will it fit a non-keg king keg like a regular corny keg?

A: The lid is universal as far as oval lids that fit Corny Kegs. So the lid to this keg will fit other brands of kegs like Cornelius, Spartanburg, and others.

Jan 22, 2019 by JM

Q: Can you stack these with the lines attached?

A: No, there is not enough space for the ball lock disconnect to fit.

Jun 11, 2018 by Richard M.

Q: Where are these Keg King kegs made?

A: China

Aug 01, 2017 by Shawn

Q: Does the lid include a pressure release valve?

A: Yes

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