31 Gallon Kegland Kegmenter

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The Kegmenter is a 31 gallon  (118 liter) 304 stainless keg with a 4” diameter tri clover lid with flat lid and airlock. It also features two 2" tri clamp ports on the base, so you can adapt this to many purposes. 42½" tall, 16" wide,

The Kegmenter features a 50 PSI rating  so it can be used as a keg or as a pressurized fermenter if desired.  The 4” diameter lid makes it easy to clean out, and adds the ability to add dry hops and other additives either during a ferment or after kegging. 

Note: Like all commercial kegs, these are extremely rugged, but may have small blemishes caused by the box rubbing against the keg during shipment.

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Horizontal lager tank

Review by Whitewm1 on 8/17/2021

Was looking for something for a horizontal lager tank this is working out ok the outside welding is horrible looks like a 10 year old did it not sure if I buy again probably take to a good welder and see if they can make better. William's Responds: Sorry to hear of this. We can send a prepaid return label if you do not want to keep this item. Please let us know what the inside welds look like, as these are the important ones that must be smooth for sanitation.

Jul 07, 2021 by Robert Heinze

Q: What is the thickness of the walls?

A: 1.8mm thick

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