7.6 Gallon Kegland Kegmenter

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The Kegmenter is a 7.6 gallon (29 liter) 304 stainless keg with a 4” diameter tri clover lid on the top. Ball lock fittings with dip tubes are built into the lid so you can use this as either a large ball lock keg or a 10 gallon fermenter. The beer dip tube features a silicone hose and floating pick up ball, to collect the clearest beer from the top of the keg.

The Kegmenter features a 50 PSI rating (with an included lid red relief valve set at 35 PSI) so it can be used as a keg or as a pressurized fermenter if desired.  The 4” diameter lid makes it easy to clean out, and adds the ability to add dry hops and other additives either during a ferment or after kegging. The relief valve is standard Corny style, and can be swapped with other corny compatible valve with different pressure ratings.

Convert a Kegmenter into a 6 gallon capacity flame fired or electric distilling unit with the optional 4" Tri-Clover Adapter (item Z49), 2" Tri-Clover Clamp (item Z57) and Kegland Pot Still Condenser  (item B78).  To make the Kegmenter electric, drill a 32mm hole near the bottom and install our 1600 Watt Heating Element, item X97.

The ability to hold up to 50 PSI also means the Kegmenter can be used with an adjustable pressure relief valve to naturally carbonate in the keg,  or to push beer out when the ferment is done with C02, either into smaller kegs, a filter, or even dispense from the fermenter if desired. 15.5” tall, 15.5” wide.

Note: The Kegmenter we sell includes the upgraded Ball Lock Post Lid with floating beer pick up tube, and does not come with the flat lid pictured in the first part of the video. It can be used right out of the box as a ball lock keg. 

Note: This Kegmenter is too short to be used with our item C38 Temp Twister.

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Great Product

Review by Nick on 6/20/2020

So I own both the 7.6 gallon and the 13.2 gallon Kegmenters and I love both of them. I’ve combed the internet for stainless steel fermenters and these are the best price point for a stainless steel fermenter. Not only are the cheaper then the most popular stainless steel bucket fermenter but these can hold a lot more pressure. Being able to finish fermentation under pressure or capture hop creep from a huge dry hop addition late in fermentation helps captures all the hop aroma you’ve always wanted in your beer. Being able to transfer O2 free is amazing as well. One trick I’ve learned is to use keg lube on the 4 inch rubber gasket to ensure a tight seal. The quality of these is amazing and here on Williams brewing you will get it cheaper than any other website and get it shipped 10x faster too. Cheers to homebrew!!!

Options Plenty-Highly Recommend

Review by Suddsy on 2/29/2020

Well made and heavy, but the beauty of pumping CO2 into it means you don't have to move it once fermentation is done. I used fermentation lid and airlock then switched lids to what is seen on offering. I strongly suggest using keglube for gasket under lid and trim-clamp when gas is added, that prevented my leaking when hit with just enough gas to purge, and it held pressure!!! It actually is starting to carbonate and with keg jumper will put in keg next week...to finish and condition... I have used Williams Brew for all my kettles (5) and both kegmenters, their customer service and speed of delivery is fantastic, as I live in NY!!!!

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Mar 17, 2021 by Yan

Q: Any idea if these can be heated using induction? I'd also like to see pix of the bottom of the keg. BTW- the "if a magnet sticks, it will work on an induction cooktop" isn't always true. I have pots that stick but wont'gethot and vice-versa. Thanks!

A: The kegmenters will not work on an induction burner as the bottom of it will not make contact with the burner. The ring around the perimeter of the kegmenter is the only part of the bottom that will touch. The bottom of the kegmenter sits about 1-2" above the perimeter ring.

Feb 16, 2021 by Jason Batten

Q: What are the dimensions please?

A: 15.5” tall, 15.5” wide.

Jan 12, 2021 by Michael

Q: Is there an easy way to add a thermowell to this?

A: If you are up to punching or drilling a hole in stainless, see our items P79, P80, and L78

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