1600 Watt Stainless Heating Element

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This 304 grade stainless heating element is 1600 watts, and is designed for heating mash and strike water. Malt solution will burn onto the element, so this should be used for heating water only. It will heat up to 10 gallons of strike or sparge water to 175° F. in approximately 1½ hours, providing the ambient temperature is 65° F. or warmer. It must be plugged into a suitable thermostat* for use, and should never be plugged into a wall outlet (because it will never turn off). It must be operated submerged in water, and never dry. Ideal for building your own electric strike and sparge water heater.

 To give you some idea of the heating power of this wand, we mounted it in a Brewer's Edge 76 Quart BrewKettle filled with 10 gallons of water at a starting temperature of 67° F. with the wand plugged into a 110 volt 15 amp circuit.  The log is below:

10:20AM  67° F.

10:34AM  77° F.

11:00AM  112° F.

11:30AM  143° F.

11:59AM  175° F.

It can be mounted weldessly in a 1.25" (32mm) diameter hole that you drill with your metal rated holesaw or suitable punch (not included, see our knockout punch accessory above), and features a silicone sealing washer to seal against leaks.

It must be installed in a stainless steel pot, and should not be used handheld or for another other application than heating water.

The stainless element length is 12", and the overall length with the cord mount on the back is 16".

It features a 20" cord which must be plugged into a heavy duty (15 amp) computer power cord (not included). A good cord to buy for this is the Tripp Lite Heavy Duty Computer Power Cord, 15A, 14AWG (NEMA 5-15P to IEC-320-C13).

Note: This cannot be used with the KegLand Dual Controller as it draws too many watts.



Average rating 8.5 out of 10 ( based on 4 reviews )

Heating Element

Review by Mark on 6/18/2022

Works Great

Nice heater - needs instructions and silicone washers

Review by DelawareHomeBrewer on 5/13/2019

Heater works well, but could use some instructions with regards to installing into the kettle or mash tun. Only has one silicone washer and it should include at least 2, preferably 3 washers. Unfortunately I split the one included and now need to find a replacement. Dave: We are sending a replacement gasket out today at no charge.

Works good so far

Review by Phil on 12/28/2018

I purchased this heating element to convert my 5 gallon stainless steel brew pot to electric for doing 2.5 gallon batches. It installed easily and after insulating my brew pot it brings 3 gallons of water to an adequate boil in about 35 minutes. So far I have done two extract batches and have no complaints and nothing has scorched.

heater review

Review by Chris Muller on 1/22/2018

Works fantastic with my 5500 watt element as a supplemental heater in my 30 gal HLT. Cut an hour + off my brew day. My HLT has now has a herms coil to do step mashing. No more long ramp times and no scorched wort!

Dec 21, 2019 by bill ellis

Q: I cant find A 24hr timer that will stand up.They melt down while I heat 12 gal of sparg water. I use a temp controler, but want to have the water at sparg temt when i get up on brew day. Do you have a controler with timer and temp controler?

A: No, but this is a good product idea.

Sep 05, 2019 by Travis C

Q: Dos this fit in the same size whole that P74 fits in? I think I need a backup if not a replacement.

A: No, this needs a larger 32mm hole.

Aug 10, 2019 by Dale Ellis

Q: Regarding, “It can be mounted weldessly in a 1.25" diameter hole that you drill with your metal rated holesaw or suitable step drill bit (hole saw not included)...” Best to use a Greenlee punch; drill small hole, insert punch.

A: A clean 1.25" hole is needed and stainless is much harder than conduit. We have not tested a Greenlee punch, but they are quality tools, and may do the job.

Jul 23, 2019 by Chris G.

Q: Can you send instructions on the hole required and the procedure for mounting through the hole? Is this the same size hole used for a standard electric heat element? How do you grip the parts to prevent the inner round sealing part from rotating? Thanks

A: This fits in a 1.25" hole which you must drill with a step drill or metal rated hole saw. Once the hole is there, just unscrew the nut and install the heating element with the gasket on the inside. Hand tighten firmly and then tighten a quarter turn with a wrench to complete. There should not be much of a problem with rotating.

Jun 02, 2019 by Mick Spencer

Q: I typically heat water in my boiling kettle and transfer to the sparge water tank (20 gal) at the beginning of the brew day; then use a propane burner to keep the sparge water at the desired temperature. Would this work to keep 20 gal of sparge water hot?

A: Probably, although we have not tested this with 20 gallons.

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