RAPT Temperature Controller

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Do you want to convert a refrigerator into a temperature controlled fermentation chamber or wine cellar, and want to be able to control things on your phone or desktop?  The WI-FI enabled RAPT Temp Controller from KegLand connects to the free RAPT web portal (https://app.rapt.io), and lets you create a temperature profile that can vary over time if desired.  Get a spare refrigerator, put a small heating pad in it, and you have a inexpensive temperature controlled chamber that can be controlled from anywhere you have internet.

Once you set up an account on the free RAPT portal, register your controller and then develop temperature profiles which can vary over time if desired. For example, set it to ferment for 16 days at say 75° F., and then set it to 45°F. to cold crash on the 17th day. Then login to the portal at any time to see actual temperature,a temperature history, and of course change the temperature if needed.

The color screen displays current temperature, as well as a graph of future and past temperature ranges. The blue outlet plug hanging below connects to your cooling device, and the red plug connects to your electric heater if desired. Each power outlet is rated at 10 amps (1200 watts) maximum. You can set the control from -2° F to 246° F, and it is switchable from centigrade to fahrenheit.

This Controller features many mounting options and includes a mounting plate. You can mount to a hanging point or hook, and even route the wires out of the back instead of the bottom if you want to panel mount the unit.

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