Brewer's Edge® 76 Quart Brewkettle

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This Brewer's Edge pot features organ welded construction, .031” thickness 210 grade welded stainless construction, and a ½” female NPT port for a thermometer that comes plugged with a stainless plug. The handles are welded on.

These are a great value for the money. This pot is too large to use on a home stove, an outdoor burner is recommended. Not recommended for use on an induction stove. 19½” tall, 18" wide.

Average rating 9.5 out of 10 ( based on 4 reviews )

Great Product, Sturdy!

Review by JOE on 2/9/2016

Have had mine going on three years and it has seen many a brew! Still holding up strong and works great. I will buy this again when/if needed.

Giant, inexpensive

Review by Bruce on 6/21/2014

large and versatile. As said before, if you don't abuse it this thing will serve you well. 15 gallons is okay, but you will want to watch for boilovers.

Good Value

Review by Thomas on 5/23/2014

For those looking to move up to 10 or even 15 gallon batches (15 gal is pushing it), this is the best value out there. It is thinner than most other pots but for the price, you can't expect to have a bullet-proof kettle. I converted mine to an e-kettle, and when drilling the hole for the element with a step drill, the metal tended to roll back on itself (not like the clean cut you should get with a larger gauge metal). However, it still took the weld less fitted element without any leaks. just take good care of it and don't throw it around the garage and it will serve you well.

Best Value I've Found

Review by Jay on 7/29/2013

This brew kettle is way cheaper than other stainless kettles this size. The pot has a small dent where the thermometer port is located, and the lid is a little flimsy, as the description says, but neither matter. This pot is the best value I have found, and if I highly recommend it. It is great for doing outdoor brewing on a propane burner, and when doing 5 gallon batches in this large pot, it is impossible to have boil-overs. Highly recommended!

Jun 21, 2021 by Larry

Q: The internal dimensions you gave me in response to my question on 6/17 only calculate to 14 gallons. 76 quarts is 19 gallons.

A: Sorry, I measured the wrong kettle. Those were the dimensions For item S76 our 60 quart kettle. The correct dimensions for item S82 our 76 quart kettle are 17 3/4" deep and 17 1/2" in diameter.

Jun 19, 2021 by Larry

Q: Will your Zo5 BIAB grain bag fit this kettle? Do you offer a false bottom for this kettle?

A: Item Z05 is not large enough to wrap the edges around the outside of our 76 quart kettle and there is no false bottom available for it.

Jun 17, 2021 by Larry

Q: What are the internal dimensions of the 76 quart kettle?

A: The internal dimensions are 17 3/4" deep and 17 1/2" in diameter.

Jun 01, 2021 by John C. Heiss

Q: are replacement lids available

A: No

Mar 23, 2021 by Pat Paget

Q: Is it hard to add a thermometer?

A: The kettle comes with a female 1/2" NPT bung welded right above the valve. Just screw in a 1/2" NPT thermometer such as our weldless Brewers Edge pot thermometer item L65.

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