Brewer's Edge® Mashing Thermometer

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Rugged 3” diameter stainless steel dial thermometer with 3½" stainless steel probe. Fits the 1/2” female NPT fitting on our larger 60 and 76 quart Brewer's Edge Pots.  Features a 60° to 220°F. range, 2° calibrations, a tempered glass lens, and a resetting screw, so you can precisely adjust the thermometer for a particular temperature range. Also includes a unique red sliding marker, so you can mark your own mash temperature target for easy visual reference.

Fits our larger 60 and 76 quart Brewer's Edge Pots, as well as any female 1/2" NPT threaded fitting. 


Average rating 9 out of 10 ( based on 4 reviews )


Review by clem wolfe on 2/9/2016

works great

Very Good, but Not for Keg Conversion

Review by Slim Davis on 1/28/2012

I originally purchased this thermometer for my brew kettle and it worked as expected but, upgrading to a keg conversion proved problematic. The thermometer is unable to read accurately due to the heavier thermal mass of the keg where the thermometer tap is located. The temperature reading soars above the actual mash temperature even with expedient "tinfoil" shielding. It is good, however for tracking initial temperature rise and it eventually settles close to the correct reading during a prolonged rest cycle. Otherwise a quality product with a large, very readable scale. Buy it for your kettle!


Review by Daniel G. on 2/11/2010

Pros: Large, easy to read face. Good response time. Graduated marks are easy to read without glasses. Threads are clean with no burrs or stripped areas. More durable than glass.

Cons: I should have bought one sooner to replace my glass thermometer.

To boil or not to boil, that is the question

Review by Bryan C. on 2/6/2010

Pros: Screwed right into my brewpot. No more dangling the electrode of my electronic thermometer into the wort.

Cons: The description says it's not for "extended" boils. Not sure what that means. More than one hour? I'm an extract brewer and so far this thermometer has been fine in a one hour boil. I love it.

Feb 21, 2018 by Pete Precario

Q: Does this thermometer need a thermowell? What does not for extended boils mean?

A: The probe is stainless, and does not need a thermowell. Extended boils means if you have a hot boil with a burner, and the flames creep up towards the housing of the thermometer, it can melt the rubber sealing the thermometer face glass, causing the instrument to cloud.

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