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Unlike our India Pale Ale, which is in the British style of India Pale Ale, our American IPA is an aggressively styled hopped ale with a pronounced hop character and fragrant hop aroma.  This kit has a strong, complex hop character created by four fresh hop additions during the boil. For fans of our Triple Hopped Ale, our American IPA has a less caramelized malt flavor, and a different hopping schedule that is more minty than floral. Alcohol: 4.9%, IBU's 80.

Includes 8 pounds of blended malt extract, 4 flavoring hop additions, 125 ml of liquid yeast, and corn sugar for carbonation. Makes 5 gallons with a starting gravity of at least 1.053. Ease of Brewing: Beginner

Click to download the instructions in pdf format.

This is a photo of our American IPA when it was in the bottle for 11 days.

Average rating 9.17391304347826 out of 10 ( based on 92 reviews )

I've never been disappointed

Review by JIM W. on 9/22/2005

Pros: I am a relatively new customer and home brewer. I have used several suppliers and have found that William's is consistantly the best! Every kit has proven to be of excellent quality and every item purchased has been of the highest quality. All instructions are to the point and easy to understand. Follow them and you will get the product you have ordered. The IPA is one of my favorites and I would highly recommend it.

ipa brewing

Review by STANLEY G. on 11/22/2005

Pros: this kit was easy.i had no trouble brewing up a batch.we got 25 22 oz bottles. unfortunate for me, when my buddy lew tried some he ended up swiping a case to take up to the lodge.

Cons: this beer was a drop to bitter for my taste.

Killer IPA

Review by Brian M. on 12/7/2005

Pros: This is the first kit I have bought from Williams. Earlier this summer I recieved a micro brewed IPA that hops for 90 min during the boil. At first I was sceptical because other IPAs that i've tasted just left a bad taste. This 90 min IPA was very crisp and didn't leave the sour after taste I've experienced before,but it is hard to find because it is brewed in such small quanities. I started searching for one to brew myself. Williams American IPA is a very close match. The finished beer turned out great. It will be a kit that I order again and again.

Easy to make and Superior flavor!

Review by Andrew A. on 3/4/2006

Pros: This was the 1st kit I tried with the Williams homebrew system and it was step by step easy to make and even with a too slow boil (pot was too full to bring to hard boil) it tasted Fantastic with a big but not overwhelming hop flavor and enough malt to back it up. It easily equalled a local Brewpubs premium IPA ($6 a pint!!) I would heartily recommend this if you like a Hoppy Ale thats easy to make.

Cons: None.

Great IPA!!!

Review by Brock H. on 3/25/2006

Pros: This was my second attempt at beer brewing . Great kit, easy to follow instructions, and a great taste. I was in a rush to get it bottled, and the FG was reached in 9 days versus the recommended 17 days. For those who love Harpoon IPA, this has a very simliar taste. Nice malty flavor and tasty hoppiness. The floral aroma of the head will make your mouth water, a solid IPA all around. I also liked the fact that this ale has a very strong flavor, but without the denseness you find in commercial microbrews. It was like drinking a light beer, but packed with taste. Unfortunately, my family liked it just as much as I did, and I need to brew some more sooner than I expected. I recommend this to anyone who appreciates drinking quality beer.

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Sep 08, 2019 by Ryan

Q: Are you able to tell me which hops are in this kit? For instance, aromatic hop KCN050? Is it cascade, simcoe, etc? thanks.

A: Chinook 1.25 oz, Cascade 1.5 oz., Cascade 1.25 oz, and finally Northern Brewer .5 oz (KCN050)

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