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Unlike our India Pale Ale, which is in the British style of India Pale Ale, our American IPA is an aggressively styled hopped ale with a pronounced hop character and fragrant hop aroma.  This kit has a strong, complex hop character created by four fresh hop additions during the boil. For fans of our Triple Hopped Ale, our American IPA has a less caramelized malt flavor, and a different hopping schedule that is more minty than floral. Alcohol: 4.9%, IBU's 80.

Includes 8 pounds of blended malt extract, 4 flavoring hop additions, 125 ml of liquid yeast, and corn sugar for carbonation. Makes 5 gallons with a starting gravity of at least 1.053. Ease of Brewing: Beginner

Click to download the instructions in pdf format.

This is a photo of our American IPA when it was in the bottle for 11 days.

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American IPA

Review by david on 6/14/2020

The kit arrived missing a hops variety, and with a variety of hops not included in the recipe, but your customer service was quick to offer a replacement kit or a refund. I brewed the kit absent the aromatic varietal as an experiment, and it is currently bottled and building carbonation. I'll see what it tastes like next week. Your customer service deserves the stars.

Love it

Review by Kim Speinger on 12/30/2019

I like Sierra Nevada IPA's and this nails it. Love this beer. It is so close to that beer I can hardly taste the difference.

Amarican ipa

Review by Matt Rodda on 2/4/2019

Beer was very good the only complaint would be the the variety of hopes where not labeled or in the recipe.

Easy and Delicious

Review by J.D. on 11/7/2016

I'm an all grain brewer and asked for this kit for Christmas. I accidentally got an extract kit delivered. I made it anyway and it was awesome. My friends couldn't tell the difference and I now regularly order it for weekends where I feel like a quick brew day and a great beer.

If you like Sierra Nevada Pale ale...

Review by Michael on 2/28/2016

To me, this is a very good American IPA, similar to Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. I add .5oz of Cascade to dry hop and it gives it that extra hop aroma. A great beer for any season. I have a 2-tap Keg and this has found a home in the left tap. Hop guys and BMC drinkers will enjoy it and I've never had one complaint. If you can let this beer sit a couple extra weeks it only get's better!

Mar 24, 2022 by Larry Hamilton

Q: What all is needed

A: Besides the kit, you will need equipment. For a good starter kit, search for our item C44 William's Home Brewery, which includes everything you need to get going at a savings, and you can pick this American IPA Kit as your starter kit when you purchase the brewery.

Sep 08, 2019 by Ryan

Q: Are you able to tell me which hops are in this kit? For instance, aromatic hop KCN050? Is it cascade, simcoe, etc? thanks.

A: Chinook 1.25 oz, Cascade 1.5 oz., Cascade 1.25 oz, and finally Northern Brewer .5 oz (KCN050)

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