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The Keg Land Dual Controller features dual plugs so you can control both a cooling unit and electric heater at the same time, via the separate heat and cool plugs in the bag of the unit.  For example, get a chest freezer or refrigerator, and put a Brewer’s Edge Space Heater inside the refrigerator. Plug both the Space Heater and Refrigerator in the Heat and Cool plugs on the back of the control, and set the temperature for 55° F.  The Keg Land Controller will turn on the refrigerator when the temperature gets warmer than 55° and then turn on the Space heater if the temperature drops below 53° or so (depending on the delay you have programmed in).  Many things can be controlled:  wine cellars, fermentation areas, mash temperatures, green houses, pet enclosures, and more. This 110 volt unit has a 30 amp cooling relay to handle large refrigerators, and a 10 amp heating relay to handle heating appliances up to 1100 watts. 

It can also be programmed to step temperature up or down over a period of time (up to 12 separate steps).  For optimum fermentation conditions using a chest freezer or refrigerator you can program the Keg King to start fermenting at one temperature, increase the temperature after a number of days and then crash chill. This is done without any intervention at all. Just program the control and forget.

You can also use this to increase the temperature of your electric mash tun so it will automatically step the temperature up and down as you please during a time period your specify.

Distillation mode is included, which means it will only heat cycle the unit once. What this means is if you set the temperature to 202° F., it will heat until it reaches 202° and then turn off, sounding an alarm to let you know the heat has been turned off. This can be handy with electric distillation and other uses when constant monitoring is not what you want to do. The probe is only 4mm in diameter, which means it will fit in the thermowell of both our items C74 KegLand Pot Still Column and C75 KegLand Reflex Still Column. Keep in mind the 1100 watt limit on the heat relay in this unit, so this cannot be used with something like a Turbo 500 Boiler that does not have power settings, although it can be used with a Mash & Boil, Grainfather, or Brewzilla that has a lower 1000 or 1100 watt setting.

 Other features include an adjustable differential, adjustable delay between the start of cooling and heating, or between the start of heating and cooling, cooling start delay, Centigrade and Fahrenheit modes, and adjustable high and low temperature alarms.

 Unlike the more intuitive Uni-Stat, all features are accessed through programming; see the instruction pdf below for more details.  In other words, this unit is best for someone who does not mind going through a few programming menus to get set up.  Includes a 6’ waterproof probe cord with stainless probe tip, and a  4’ power cord.  The stainless probe fits in all the thermowells and stills we sell, and is 3.9mm in diameter.

A common question we get is how to set the Dual Controller to Fahrenheit. To do this, follow the steps below:

 1. First hold the lower right set key down for about 6 seconds until it flashes E3.

 2. Then press the lower right set key 9 times to get to C1

 3. Then press the upper left arrow button once to change the display to 01

 4. You will see 01 displaying for a few seconds and then it will return to display the temperature in Fahrenheit.

KNOWN BUG: The software for this unit has a known bug. When the unit is set to Fahrenheit, it works in Fahrenheit but a small c is displayed, like it is Centigrade mode, on the upper right part of the display. However, the setting is Fahrenheit, and the unit will stay in Fahrenheit mode even if the unit loses power. Also, in Fahrenheit, the unit can only be set to a maximum temperature of 200° F., so if you are using it for distillation mode and want the unit to shut off at say, 203° F. instead of 200° F., you will need to switch to Centigrade so you can program to 95° C which is 203° F.(in Centigrade, the unit can be set to a maxiumum of 99°).

 Click   here for a pdf of the instructions.

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Great Addition

Review by Nick on 1/23/2016

This controller has made my fermentation worry free. I was using the Thermostar controller (now controls my serving fridge) and would have to decide between cooling or heating mode. I live in a pretty volatile climate so it's hard to decide which mode to use. So this controller allows for both cooling and heating to maintain temp. It can also be programmed to a temp schedule if you want to get even more involved. Overall, great purchase ... Especially for the price!!

Makes Fermenting a breeze

Review by Matt on 1/27/2016

This controller is easy to program and set up, and for the price why would you build one yourself? I use this temp controller on my fermentation chamber (aka garage fridge) and it works perfectly for my application. I wanted to be able to "set it and forget it" so it's paired with the Brewer's Edge space heater it does exactly that. This controller will turn on your refrigerator or space heater, depending on which is needed to maintain your target temperature. I have not used the automatically adjusting temp schedule yet but I will be trying that with my next brew. That may be handy for a hands off diacetyl rest and cold crashing. If you live in the USA you'll want to download the .pdf instructions from the Williams Brewing site. I almost deducted 1 star for this but the unit works so well, I couldn't bring myself to do it.

Great Temp controller

Review by Raymond on 1/28/2016

Purchased this temp controller for my fermentation chamber (21cu ft stand up freezer). Prior to this, I was using a Thermostar from NB. Wanted to have the option of dual control vs single (or flipping a switch constantly). The fact that I can set it up and walk away w/o fear of my temps being out of tolerance was all I needed to know to justify the purchase. Understand that it'll be set to Celsius by default. Also, watch the youtube video loosely as they reference the Australian market model and not the American one. There's a few differences between the two. It's not difficult at all to set up. As a plus, it offers temp step/stage benefits too. Lager heads out there will appreciate this for sure. I have it set up with the Williams brew heat pad as well! My only wish, is that they would've kept the wiring configuration as the Australian model, where everything exits out the back of the box. A lot more mounting options that way.

Good, but probe is too big (for some thermowells)

Review by Aaron on 6/17/2016

Seems to be a solid unit, but the probe is too large to fit into my thermowells. I've had them for years and can't speak to whether or not I got them here at Williams Brewing, but all of my previous temperature controller probes have fit. This one, not so much. Are the Williams Brewing thermowells unusually large? Are mine unusually small? Seems that, with a slightly smaller probe, it wouldn't matter. William's Responds: All the thermowells we sell fit the Keg King Dual Plug Control. We have heard of some undersized thermowells that are made in China used in carboys. These rubber stopper carboy thermowells do not fit the probe of the Keg King Dual Plug Control. Our carboy thermowells are made in the USA, and they do this the Keg King. I hope this helps.

Works great

Review by Greg on 6/22/2016

This unit does exactly what I want it to do and does it well. I also like that I can control heating from the same unit.

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Feb 10, 2021 by Jim Marsden

Q: So if I understand correctly if I am using a digiboil 35l I should only use the 1000w switch when heating (not the two together)

A: Yes, using 1500 watts is a bit much for this control.

Sep 15, 2020 by Joel Castiglione

Q: Will this work with the high power heating element 1600 watt that I just bought and installed in my kettle?

A: No, the 1600 watt element runs 14.5 amps, and this control has a 10 amp heating relay.

May 07, 2018 by dan

Q: will this work to use on a keezer to keep at about 35

A: Yes

May 01, 2018 by Mik

Q: Will this work with only a mini fridge plugged into the cooling plug to keep a constant 33° temp?

A: Providing the Mini Fridge has a robust enough compressor to get down to 33 degrees, it may work. Keep in mind it will not be a constant 33 degrees, as every thermostat has a differential of 3 degrees or so to save the compressor from constant stop and starts. So if you set it at 33, assuming the compressor is powerful enough to get to 33, it will then turn off and rise to 36 degrees before switching on again.

Mar 09, 2018 by Mike Gordy

Q: Will this control work a 110 volt, 2 position, motorized ball vale?

A: We have not tested this application, so we cannot say for sure.

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