Nukatap Keg Faucet

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There is nothing more convenient than a keg faucet when you have ball lock kegs. This Nukatap Keg Faucet fits any ball lock keg and is forward sealing to prevent the faucet body from drying out between pours. A chome plated solid brass handle adds to the substantial feel.

Now resdesigned with a one piece ball lock shank, which eliminates the tendency of a keg faucet to swivel. The faucet cannot swivel as the splines on the ball lock shank hold it securely in position.

Mar 25, 2022 by Josh Bailey

Q: Does this system have flow control or what pressure should the keg be set to for proper flow?

A: This is not a flow control faucet, but works well at 4-8 PSI dispensing pressure.

Mar 09, 2022 by troy fenn

Q: does this faucet include the auto close spring? if not, do you have the spring available for purchase? thanks

A: There is a closing spring available, but it is not included. The closing spring for this faucet is item L30.

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