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KegLand 29mm Capping Bell
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This Gen 2.0 capper from KegLand features an all steel capping head housing for durability. A positive steel lock button on the sliding housing assembly firmly holds the head in place on the adjustable stand. A magnet is included in the capping head to hold the cap for you while capping.  The extra long 14.5" base provides stability even when the capper is not bolted down, making it easy to move around. Four screw holes are provided in the base of mounting to a board or bench if desired. An excellent value in an affordable capper for home use (not recommended for commercial use).

This 19” tall capper will cap bottles ranging from 4” to 12” tall, including American champagne bottles. Our item X02 29mm Capping Head is an option.

Note:  All capping heads should be lightly greased occasionally for longest wear and easier capping.

Note: Pictured bottles are not included.

Average rating 9.33333333333334 out of 10 ( based on 3 reviews )

Well Made

Review by Charles W Allen on 1/20/2021

I love this capper. The one it replaces had plastic pieces that held it in place for various bottle sizes. This one has uses a simple bolt and hole set up, similar to the nail and hole modification I made with the abandoned capper. Very nice.

Why did I wait so long

Review by James on 7/4/2015

This has made my bottling days much more productive and quicker. I don't dread bottling anymore. I seal the cap with a single pull then rotate the bottle 90 degrees and pull again - just being on the safe side but have had no problems with just the single pull. Great tool for the brewery.

Good Bench Capper

Review by RobJ on 5/29/2015

I bought this to upgrade from the ‘Emily’ capper. This one is easier to use and much more sturdier than the hand lever style. It adjusts quickly to differences in bottle size, and I have found that with use it does get easier and quicker to operate. I do wish that it came with rubber feet so I don’t have to worry about it slipping on the counter top. (my bottling area also serves as my kitchen counter) This bench capper would be a great choice for the beginner and novice home brewer alike.

Sep 10, 2020 by Robert

Q: How is the bottle height adjustment made?

A: By pulling out a spring loaded steel pin, and sliding the capping head up and down the capper shaft. It then locks into one of the many holes on the shaft.

Aug 01, 2019 by Chuck

Q: What about the 29 MM caps ?

A: This fits 26mm caps only.

Jun 22, 2018 by Frank

Q: will this capper work on glass coke bottles that originally came with caps that needed to be removed with a bottle opener? Thank you.

A: Yes

Mar 07, 2018 by Ed Weber

Q: Can this capper be used on screw crown bottles?

A: We have found that none of our cappers are very good with screw crown bottles, including this one.

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