Ferrari Emily Capper

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A nylon lever capper of advanced patented design, with a gear-driven capping head that makes capping easier, as less force is required to crimp the steel bottle cap. In addition, the handles are wider than on other lever cappers, and a return spring surrounding the capping head makes the capper automatically release when capping is completed. Made by Ferrari of Italy.

The steel jaws can be removed with needle nose pliers and reversed so the Emily can also cap 29 and 31mm bottle caps. 

Constructed of self-lubricating nylon with steel pivot points. Also caps American champagne bottles with its unique reversible jaws. 

Average rating 8.45833333333334 out of 10 ( based on 24 reviews )

Great Capper

Review by Nathaniel R. on 11/21/2005

Pros: This capper is smooth, easy to operate and will have your bottles capped before you realize it. The magnet holds the new caps to free up a hand.

Cons: It's only as fast as you are. If only it had a cap feeder...

Good Capper

Review by Michael M. on 3/3/2006

Pros: For four years, this capper had performed well (between 400 to 500 bottles capped).

Cons: After four years, capper failed to seal properly. Unfortunately, I didn't know this until product was released (ie - shared with friends - a bit embarassing).

Great Capper!

Review by Nathaniel R. on 9/15/2007

Pros: Seals well. I've capped award winning beer with this capper. It's easy to use. The magnet holds caps nice and easy. Once the handles don't pull any further, the cap is on and sealed!

Cons: You need something or someone to hold the bottle, as this is a two handed operation.

Best manual capper in the whole wide world!!!

Review by SRfromGA on 9/23/2007

Pros: Cheap, easy to use and never fails! Save your money and stick with this one! The bench cappers don't even work this well. The jaws grab the bottle and keep it steady and squared so that the bell housing can cap it properly. I love mine!

Cons: only wish i had 3 hands sometimes

Handy as a doorknob

Review by robert a. on 7/12/2008

Pros: Sturdy and easy to clean, magnet holds caps well.

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