Ferrari Emily Capper

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A nylon lever capper of advanced patented design, with a gear-driven capping head that makes capping easier, as less force is required to crimp the steel bottle cap. In addition, the handles are wider than on other lever cappers, and a return spring surrounding the capping head makes the capper automatically release when capping is completed. Made by Ferrari of Italy.

The steel jaws can be removed with needle nose pliers and reversed so the Emily can also cap 29 and 31mm bottle caps. 

Constructed of self-lubricating nylon with steel pivot points. Also caps American champagne bottles with its unique reversible jaws. 

Average rating 8.45833333333334 out of 10 ( based on 24 reviews )

Ferrari Capper

Review by David Ray Beth on 2/15/2021

Disappointed in last one purchased not long ago. Have owned 2 others and the second time used for a batch the magnet fell off never to be seen again. Rolled into neverland. William's Responds: Sorry about this, we are sending a replacement capper out today.

Good capper

Review by Darrin Tinsley on 1/26/2021

Easy to use

Solid capper

Review by Jones on 6/3/2020

Does what I want it to do but could be somewhat more sturdy (sometimes slips from the neck when pressing it down). Otherwise - good product.


Review by Merlinus Monroe on 4/1/2019

After 5 years of use, the magnetic crimper cup on my old bottle cap machine wore out, and I bought a Black Beauty model as a replacement. It was terrible! The thin handles meant it didn't really "square" with the orientation of the cap, so every bottle was a chore. I primarily keg, so this was a step too many for me to share some home-brew with friends and family. I bought this as a reliable replacement for that Black Beauty, because I was tired of uncertainty and inconvenience when I'm trying to do something charitable, and this has not disappointed. This is a good capper!


Review by BUFFHUNTER on 12/3/2015

I REVIEWED THE EMILY CAPPER AS POOR BECAUSE MINE BROKE DURING THE THIRD BATCH OF BOTTLING. THE NEXT DAY I GET AN EMAIL APOLOGIZING AND SENDING ME A NEW ONE! NOW THAT'S STANDING BEHIND YOUR PRODUCTS! I STILL THINK I MIGHT UPGRADE TO A METAL CAPPER. William's Responds: Glad you like our service. Try the Emily again, we have one here in our Brewlab that has been going strong for 15 years. Thanks for your business!

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