Nukatap Growler Adapter

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This stainless steel Nukatap Growler Adapter fits our X85 and E49 Nukatap faucets, as well as all Intertap faucets.  It accepts ½" inner diameter tubing to fill growlers (see tubing at right, order by the foot). 

Note: This does not fit older Vent-Matic faucets.

Average rating 9.6 out of 10 ( based on 5 reviews )

Let’s travel!

Review by Trent A on 6/18/2019

My friends and family can finally stop complaining “you didn’t bring any homebrew?” I hated using my old growler fillers. I needed 2 different ones and they never seamed to sit well. This replaceable tip is perfect!

What you need for filling bottles and growlers

Review by Browneye on 2/18/2019

If you have Intertap tabs you need one of these. Easy to unscrew the stock spout and put this on - put a silicone line on it - silicone sinks to the bottom - and fill your growlers and flip-top bottles from the bottom. Even better, put co2 on a tap and pre-fill your container with gas before you fill it - no oxidation!

Nice option

Review by Jim on 3/15/2017

I haven't actually filled anything with it yet. I have a couple more gallons to drink before I hook up the new faucet. That said, I like the quality of this piece. I have a similar product for my Perlick faucets that I paid $20 for. That has been very handy for filling growlers and bottles right from the tap. Another thought I had was to connect my garden sprayer line cleaner device to the tap using this, and then backflushing the lines into the empty keg. Then I can flush lines with the door closed and it would be way easier than the old way I was doing it. Could also use the Keg Post accessory for that too, I suppose. Just screw this on, open the purge valve on the keg (or put a QD on the gas post if you have Pin Lock kegs), snap on the garden sprayer (Or whatever you use) and push BLC through the lines and into the empty keg. When you are done flushing, just pull the keg and clean it and replace with newly filled keg!

It works

Review by Mike on 2/21/2017

It works well for its intended purpose. The barb is too large to fill bottles well, but quick growler fill ups are easy. If anyone is curious about using a different smaller fitting to fill up a bottle: I found online it uses BST threads, however, a 3/8 NPT to 3/8" barb screws in just find and seals with the original o-ring. Knocked off a star due to the poor machining on the inside. Doesn't seem to affect it, but it wouldn't have been that difficult to buff the rough spots.

Works great on my Perlick 425SS

Review by Duane on 1/16/2016

I bought the faucets and this adapter. I unscrewed my Perlick 425SS faucet and screwed this growler filler on and it works. Well, I tried with two more 425s and those did not work? Batting 50/50, still very happy. I decided to go all Intertap!

Sep 04, 2017 by John

Q: Do you know if the threads on the growler adapter (P44) will work with Vent-Matic faucets?

A: They will not (Thanks John for looking this up)

Aug 19, 2017 by Ryan

Q: How much tubing should I get to go with this? Is 1 foot enough or should I get 2 ft and expect to cut it down?

A: That really depends on how big the growler you are going to fill is. You want the tubing to reach the bottom of the growler so you can fill it from the bottom up. This is to reduce the amount of foaming. Most of our customers buy one foot.

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