Mini Regulator Check Valve Male Flare Outlet

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This stainless fitting is 1/8" male NPT on one side, and 1/4" male beverage flare on the other. Features a check valve that opens at 2-3 PSI making it perfect adding to an Mini Regulator.

The check valve is designed so gas flows out the male flare side, making this perfect for attaching to a Mini Regulator to protect the regulator from beer backflow.  The 1/4" male flare side has a 45° angle flare. 1.25" overall length.


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Excellent upgrade to protect your regulator.

Review by Anthony on 9/6/2016

I have a couple of the Leland mini regulators that William's used to sell before their current offering. I originally replaced the barb fitting with a standard 1/8" NPT to 1/4" flare fitting. I used clear gas tubing so that I could monitor that no moisture back flowed into the regulator. With this piece a spring loaded check valve will ensure that no moisture can back flow. My only criticism is that the threads on the NPT (check valve) side are not as deeply machined as many I've seen and therefore does not screw into the regulator as far as I would like. I used only one wrap of teflon tape due to the large size and so far I have had no leaks.

Jun 16, 2017 by Rudder2

Q: Will this check valve let the pressure bleed off when you dial down the regulator?

A: The check valve is a one way valve, so it will not let anything bleed in reverse. All Brewer's Edge Mini and Micro Regulators, however, have a feature where when turn down the pressure, the excess pressure bleeds from the body of the regulator.

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