Mini Regulator Check Valve Female Flare Outlet

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This stainless steel fitting includes a check valve that releases at 2-3 PSI. Perfect for adding check valve protection to a Mini Regulator.

1/8" MPT on the side that screws into your regulator body, and 1/4" female flare on the side that screws onto a ball lock or pin lock gas fitting for attachment to a keg. The check valve is designed so the gas flows out the 1/4" female flare side (which will be the in side of your keg).

Mar 27, 2018 by Brad

Q: Will this piece fit the older Ferroday mini CO2 regulators in lieu of the 1/8 MPT with 1/4 collar MFT that comes with the unit to attach it to the ball disconnect?

A: If the Ferroday has a 1/8" female NPT port for the gas outlet, this will work.

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