4 Oz. Biofine Clear

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A secondary fermenter liquid fining (mix in when transferring to a secondary) formulated from colloidal silicon dioxide so it contains no Isinglass (and unlike Isinglass, no animal products). Use 1 teapsoon per 5 gallons of beer or wine to help clear out the yeast.

IMPORTANT WINTER NOTICE: Biofine is ruined by freezing, so please do not order this if you live in an area that has freezing temperatures. Please be mindful of the time of year when ordering Biofine!

Average rating 9.83333333333334 out of 10 ( based on 12 reviews )

Game Changer

Review by Will Schmit on 11/1/2021

I have used this product on my last 3 brews. The information about dosing is ambiguous to nebulous, but here is my dosing: I use 1ml per gallon when I go from the fermenter to the keg. Within 10 days the beer is clear. I have noticed a phenomenal improvement in taste, because the yeast artifacts are gone...

From Cloudy To Slightly Hazy

Review by PJ Brewer on 5/31/2020

I used this for the first time. It seems to form a layer on the sediment bed to keep things from getting stirred up. I brewed a Belgian Tripel with low flocculation yeast that was considerably cloudy. I cold filtered it after 4 days. Prefiltering it was hazy, post-filtering it was brilliantly clear. I would use this again as nothing works perfectly.

Sour beer very cloudy.

Review by John on 5/20/2020

I know I am going to catch grief from good brewers, but here goes. I had purchased a Duck Duck Gose kit last August and just never had time to brew. I stored the kit in the refrigerator till a couple of months ago. I decided I better try it. The wort in the primary fermenter was very cloudy. Knew I had to do something so started researching isinglass. I read some forums about it being good but was organic. I found this Biofine from Williams and decided to try it. I stirred it into the secondary fermenter and within a week the beer had cleared. It has since been bottled and conditioned for two and a half weeks. The beer in the glass is clear so it did what I needed it to do.

You Like Clear Beer?

Review by Browneye on 7/31/2019

Then this is what you need. Add a tablespoon to your five gallons in secondary - cold-crash for a few days, and your beer settles out super nice and clear. My home-brew has never looked better. Was recommended by a local craft brewer and works great for me. Economical too. Who wants to filter beer? Biofine it!

Produces beautifully crystal clear beer!

Review by Jimmy on 10/24/2018

Super easy to use and the end results are nothing less than amazing. With good brewing practices (e.g., whirfloc in boil, cold crash at end of fermentation) and BioFine, beautifully clear beer is easily & quickly achievable. Adding a tablespoon to a CO2 purged keg prior to racking from the fermenter to the keg is all that is needed. After re-purging the keg, shook it good to ensure the BioFine was well distributed and then force carbonated for 24 hours. First few pours were a little murky. All the pours since have been crystal clear. Will be using this in all future brews.

Jun 19, 2018 by Jordan

Q: Is there an optimal operating temperature for Biofine C? I know it's tempting to just say uh cold like gelatin, yet BSG makes no mention of this. I'd love to add it at 60-70F in the unitank without needing to chill that monster for energy conservation.

A: Most people seem to use it after a cold crash, even homebrewers. I'm no expert on this but here is a forum discussion on Biofine application that may be of some help to you: https://discussions.probrewer.com/showthread.php?16487-BioFine-Clear

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