Clarity-Ferm Chill Haze Preventative

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Clarity-Ferm is a highly specific endo-protease (enzyme) that helps prevent chill haze in beer. This pack includes 1 tube for five gallons of beer. Add to cooled wort at the beginning of fermentation to largely eliminate chill haze. 

This product contains Brewer's Clarex, and can also be used to reduce gluten content in barley malt beers. Store refrigerated until use.

Average rating 8.4 out of 10 ( based on 5 reviews )

Gluten free beer

Review by Brewdog333 on 8/9/2019

I used this product in making my Breakfast stout. The beer came out delicious as always. My buddy has gluten issues, and now we both can enjoy a glass of home-brew whenever we get together. Cheers!!!!!!!

Great for people with Celiac disease

Review by Mark on 4/27/2019

My wife and daughter have been diagnosed with Celiac disease and cannot handle gluten at all. I read about this as a possibility for them to continue to enjoy beer. I have used this for a dozen batches from stout to Kölsch and have done gluten testing of all batches. I know that this just reduces gluten, but everything measures under 5 ppm (under 20 ppm is considered gluten free). The bottom line is that my beer doesn’t make my girls sick. This stuff is amazing.

Clarity ferm

Review by Bill Benson on 12/15/2017

I have not used this product yet, as I will be brewing this Saturday. I bought it for my buddy who has gluten issues. I am making a Bourbon barrel coffee stout, and clarity is the last thing I expect to see in a big beer like this. Will be splitting a 5 gallon batch for his birthday. I expect the flavor to be unchanged, and have brewed this beer before. I bought it solely for gluten reduction. Tune in 7 weeks from now for an answer on his take of this product, as he has the gluten intolerance. Brewdog333


Review by dONKmAN on 2/12/2014

In concern with previous review, please note that the single vile is 10-ML and that before,when package as five, were sold as 5-ML vials each (actually 4ML, if you measured) In conclusion, two single 10-ML vials will be the equivalent as the previous marketed package of five.

What happened to the 5 pack?

Review by David on 11/27/2013

Average price was around $12 for a 5 pack. I brew 10 gallons at a time, averaged $2.25 for each corny keg. Brew 120-150 gallons a year. Now it's increased to $2.90 per and no price break for 5. Why drop the 5 pack option for those who brew more than 5 gallons at a time. Wife has a problem with Gluten and White Labs now sells only singles and jacks the price up? White Labs needs to offer both the single and the 5 pack. Increase the price on a single but give us a break on a 5 pack. William's Brewing Responds: White Labs dropped the five pack in favor of the one pack. Not much we can do on this one!

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