Petite Sirah Concentrate For 5 Gallons

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 William's California Wine Concentrates are made from 100% Central Valley varietal wine grapes, picked at their peak and gently concentrated with minimum heat (never exceeding 180 degrees F.) under vacuum to 68 Brix. Sugar has not been added, nor is sugar needed to make 5 gallons of full-bodied varietal wine.

The 192 ounces of concentrate included in each pack is enough to make 5 gallons of wine with an alcohol content of 13 to 14%. Contains sulfiltes, so you do not need to add them before fermentation. Our California Wine Concentrates are also acid balanced, so you do not need to add acid or do an acid titration test (unless you want to).

Petite Sirah produces a wine that is full-bodied, dark and inky. Something like Cabernet, except with a bit less tannin.

NOTE: This includes concentrate only, and does not include yeast, oak, or other additives that may be needed to ferment 5 gallons of wine. For complete wine kits, see our William's California Wine Kits.

This concentrate is processed with minimal heat and is unpasteurized. Refrigeration is REQUIRED on arrival, and shelf life once received is 8 weeks if stored refrigerated.

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Review by Richie on 8/14/2022

Everyone loves it, I will make again. Delicious

Aged Well

Review by Danny Beasley on 3/18/2021

I purchased this kit 2 years ago and bottled 18 months ago. I have had a few bottles along with each tasting better. Now after 18 months it is excellent. I have had good luck with all of William's reds and have found it is best to age them at least a year after bottling.

Petite Sirah concentrate

Review by Gary Hoover on 2/9/2021

I've fermented the Petite Sirah, Pinot Noir, and several others. They make a good wine. I do age them for approximately one year before moving to the tap. Yes, I age my wine in stainless kegs and once ready I put them on tap. Way easier than bottling and takes up much less space in the wine cellar. A good product at a good price point.

The Best Way to Make Wine

Review by Ken Miller on 12/24/2018

I've made three batches of Petite Sirah. Every batch has been a big hit at home and with our friends an neighbors. I've aged the wine in 20 L oak barrels for about 3 months and they seem to have aged well. I have also blended the Petite Sirah with Cab and Zin (also from William's California Wine Concentrates). Every batch has been a great success. I'm finding it hard to consider any other method of making wine after so many successes, and no failures.

Dec 13, 2021 by Jonathan F

Q: How much concentrate are in the 5 gallon concentrates? I see it in oz but what would it be in liters or gallons? Thanks!

A: 1.5 gallons.

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