60 L. Great Western Crystal Malt

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Ideal for brewing darker ales and lagers. If your older recipe specifies ‘Crystal Malt’ without giving a lovibond rating, this is probably the crystal malt to use, because this grade was usually sold years ago, before the demand for diverse lovibond ratings increased the selection of crystal malts available. From Great Western Malting in the United States.
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Great Western is indeed great!

Review by A. Donner on 8/30/2019

Great Western crystal malt is a very good addition for just about any mini-mash beer recipe, or add a pound to an existing grain bill for a little extra flavor without adding too much color. A good all around crystal malt at a great price!

Crystal Malt Crushed 60L

Review by Mark B. on 5/23/2010

Pros: Great product.

Cons: A bit dusty in the bottom of the bag, that's all.

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