Belgian Double Home Brewing Beer Kit

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Belgium is home to some of the most unique and flavorful beers in the world. Some of these beers are available from specialty beer sellers in the United States, but with Belgian imports, the beer consumer usually pays quite a bit for a product of unknown freshness.

Our William's Belgian Double is a amber Belgian Ale with a crisp estery dryness, made with blended German malt extract, beet sugar, Hallertau Mittelfrauh hops, and Belgian yeast. Lightly hopped, it has a light amber color and a distinct dry estery finish (produced by the yeast and sugar content) that balances the malt sweetness. Alcohol:5.8%, IBU's 29

Includes 9 pounds of blended malt extract and pale beet sugar, German hops, 125 ml of liquid yeast, and corn sugar for carbonation. Makes 5 gallons with a starting gravity of at least 1.065

Ease of Brewing: Beginner

Click to download the instructions in pdf format.
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Belgium Double

Review by PAUL D. on 9/18/2005

Pros: Crisp,refreshing, and full-flavored. My wife loves this beer and doesn't usually care for my homebrews.It's great with a slice of orange in it.

Cons: Can't think of one.


Review by DANIEL RUSK on 9/19/2005

Pros: Absolutely delicious beer. My wife and good friend don't drink beer but they drank THIS beer. In fact I had to restrict them from drinking every bottle and to save me some. Also my daughter kept trying to eat the sugar candy. Bottom line: everyone loves the taste and quality of this brew. The recipe is easy and fun, and the smell while it is brewing is just incredible. All of Williams beer kits are of the utmost quality.

Cons: No cons.

good belgian

Review by ajf on 10/8/2005

Pros: instructions are easy to follow, simple steps produce complex beer.

Cons: none

Fine Belgian Beer

Review by david.hammack on 11/29/2005

Pros: My first kit, easy to brew, turned out very well, full flavored and enjoyed by all who have tasted it. I would recommend.

Great Stuff!

Review by Raymond M. on 1/1/2006

Pros: After making/drinking this beer, it is hard to go to a bar, microbrewery or even the liquor store as I find it hard to find a beer which I like. People that normally don't drink like it and those who particular drinker who do drink, want to know how to make it.

Cons: None.

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Jul 04, 2017 by Rob

Q: UPS left the kit in the sun against a west facing stucco wall on the hottest day of the year. Two feet more would have been in the shade. What dry yeast would you recommend for this kit?

A: Try smacking the pack and seeing if it will swell. If it swells in 24 hours, it is fine, and go and brew. If not call us at 800-759-6025 and we can send a replacement yeast.

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