Belgian Triple Home Brewing Beer Kit

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Belgian Triples can be deceptively smooth and refreshing, with their strong alcohol content sneaking up on you like a corner on a two lane road that gets tighter half way through. Our Belgian Triple is a strong Belgian Ale with a rich dry estery character that gives some warning of its strength. Unlike some(almost blonde) commercial examples of this style, our Belgian Triple is amber in color, and quite dry in the finish, with the sweetness balanced as much with an estery yeast flavor as with hops. Alcohol: 7.7%, IBU’s 30

Includes 12 pounds of Belgian extract and pale beet sugar, flavoring and aromatic hops, 125 ml of liquid ale yeast, and corn sugar for carbonation. Makes 5 gallons with a starting gravity of at least 1.083 Ease of Brewing: Intermediate

Save a lot of money. Belgian ales of this strength and quality sell for $8.00 and up per 24 ounce bottle in a liquor store. You can brew the equivalent of 24 twenty four ounce bottles of William's Belgian Triple for around $2.00 a bottle!

Click to download the instructions in pdf format.

This shows our Triple after only 7 days in the bottle. It is a little yeasty here, and clears out more completely in 2 to 3 weeks.

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Terrific set of ingredients

Review by doug on 9/16/2005

Pros: This kit made some of the best ale I've had the chance to brew and drink. Easy to bring together, the authentic ingredients created a well-balanced flavor that made my drinking pals green with envy, and only got better with age.

Nice flavor with a kick

Review by JEREMY N on 9/19/2005

Pros: - Relatively easy to brew. - Finished product at ~8% always seems to surprise unexpecting guests who don't believe a beer that tastes this good has this much kick. - I've purchased this beer 3 years in a row, and I'll buy it again next year!

Cons: Previous brewing instructions turned out a rather sweet beer that wasn't well balanced. Looks like the more recent kits have added a second fermentation. I've just bottled, but so far the results are improved...

Belgian Trippel

Review by JEFF S. on 12/3/2005

Pros: For years, i've been making this style from scratch, but tried this kit about a year ago and got great results. It's a favorite with my friends. I've even tried it out on our Belgian relatives. They won't acknowledge that it tastes exactly like a Westmalle, but it does. They call it my Montana Trippel

Cons: The onle difference between mine and the original (and I've tried them side by side) is that this kit produces a beer with a slightly darker color-not much of a problem.

Very Consistent Beer

Review by Brian T. on 1/6/2006

Pros: Beer Finished with a Specific Gravity of 1.015. The taste of the beer was consistent through the whole glass. I had a few friends over at Christmas and everyone wanted to drink this Belgian instead of other beers.

Cons: You have to wait the two weeks on the secondary fermentation and make sure your beer temperature is at least 68F degrees for the yeast to work properly on all of the sugars in the wort. Just be patient.

Sweetend jet Fuel

Review by Paul D. on 8/26/2007

Pros: I have brewed this several times and it has become a favorite of my guests . It packs a real wallop while having a really great taste and finish. My daughter loves when I brew it since see likes the "helping" with adding the candy.

Cons: There aren't many. This one sneaks up on you, so make sure folks don't get hurt going home.

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Dec 27, 2016 by Vigo Carpathian

Q: What yeast does this kit use?

A: Our Belgian Triple uses Wyeast 1214 Belgian Ale

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