Belgian Blonde Home Brewing Beer Kit

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Our Belgian Blonde is a light Belgian Ale in the dry-yet crisp Blonde style. This beer has a subtle spicy and earthy character in the finish imparted by the selected Belgian liquid yeast, and ferments to a crisp dryness due to the addition of brewing beet sugar. German two row barley is used in making the extract, for a clean pilsner-like malt character.

Makes 5 gallons with an alcohol content of 5%, and an IBU level of 22. Ease of brewing: Beginner

Click to download the instructions in pdf format.

This shows our Belgian Blonde after 3 weeks in the bottle.

Average rating 9.56521739130435 out of 10 ( based on 23 reviews )

Belgian Blonde

Review by Mike A on 2/3/2021

Very nice, simple to brew and using the liquid yeast results in a lore authentic style. Maintain proper temperature and anyone will be pleased with the beautiful results.


Review by Mike Williams on 10/16/2017

Comes out a golden orange. Tastes quite good with citrus peel and blended spice flavor. Hoppy bitterness but not too strong. Very easy drinking. Quite enjoyable.

Belgian Blond

Review by Steve Allyn on 11/25/2016

This is number 6 or 7 of kits I've used from Williams. They are easy to follow, produce good beer,and the service is excellent. Drink up and cheers!

Really good when you brew it right

Review by Duke on 9/16/2014

This one has a zesty flavor and great taste. Especially good for those friends who only drink lite beer. One of my wife's favorites. Definitely worth a try! We had a weird bottling situation as about every other one we opened was completely flat, no carbonation. The others were fine so I can only assume it was user error. Perhaps the priming I'll have to call the tech line to see what they think we might have done wrong.

Belgian Blond

Review by Bob on 5/7/2014

One of my new favorites this will make a great summer beer but I will have to brew a new batch cause the last batch is History.

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