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Our Christmas Wit is a double wit in the Belgian tradition, a wheat beer that is deceptively light, with a full body and slight hint of orange peel and other spices in the smooth finish. Alcohol: 6.3%, IBU's 30.

Includes 9 pounds of our Belgian blended extract and beet sugar, 125ml of liquid yeast, flavoring and aromatic hops, spices, and carbonation sugar. Makes 5 gallons with a starting gravity of at least 1.062. Ease of Brewing: Beginner

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This shows our Christmas Wit after 2 weeks in the bottle.

Average rating 9.23076923076923 out of 10 ( based on 13 reviews )

Hole in extract bag

Review by Peter B. on 12/8/2009

Pros: Ease of brewing. Seems to be a well put together kit

Cons: Opened box a couple days after starting the yeast. Found the extract bag had a hole in it. Yeast was started so went ahead and made it. Blew out the airlock on a 6 gallon fermenter. Had to put a blow off on. Two weeks in the secondary today and still actively fermenting. Fermentation has a cidery smell. Will try to update after bottling and conditiong

X mas wit

Review by Casey on 12/19/2009

Pros: Easy to make, no problems, tasted great with in two weeks of bottling. On the malty side. Everyone who has tried it loved it. Cannot wait to share with family Christmas eve!

Cons: Starting gravity was a little lower than expected. Head retention is a little weak.

A Wit worth the Wait

Review by Jeremy on 11/6/2012

This is a nicely balanced double wit that really improves with a little aging. At two months it was good, by 6 months it was really coming into its own. So much so that I am left wondering how good it would have been after 9 months or a year...

Frisky Fermenter

Review by Ben on 11/26/2012

We just got this kit the other day, but wanted to share a quick observation. Brewed this up yesterday afternoon between making a batch of Chardonnay and Malbec. One full day into frementation and it is foaming up like no other beer I have ever produced (making home brew for over 16 years), regularly filling my airlock with foam. Not a huge issue since I am around to keep an eye on it and I simply open the cover, stir it down a little and put on a new airlock. I have done this 4 times so far today, just hope it settles down a bit before bedtime tonight. Will definitely let you know how the finished product is! Oh, and I got a 1.072 sg reading with this one.

Another great vintage

Review by Stephen on 12/8/2012

After just 9 days in the bottle, couldn't wait to try this year's Christmas Wit. This is a truly special beer. Nicely dry, delicately spiced, sneaky strong. By my measure this batch is 7.22% ABV. Ordered the first day it was available, started a batch as soon as it arrived, drinking a bottle on December 8th. I wish it had been released a week earlier so it could have aged another week. But we won't wait to drink it and we have other batches just bottled and coming...

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Oct 27, 2020 by Matt Wisner

Q: Is there an All Grain version of this kit?

A: No. sorry.

Oct 15, 2020 by Dick

Q: Will you be preparing any more kits of the Christmas Wit this fall (2020)? How does the Christmas Wit compare to your other Belgium wit?

A: Our Christmas Wit will be available by the end on next week. Our Christmas Wit is a double Belgian Wit so it will have a higher ABV and more of the spices used in our Belgian Wit kit.

Dec 07, 2018 by Casey

Q: What is the OG of this brew supposed to be?

A: It should be right around 1.070

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