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The JetKeg is an exclusive KegLand product that enables you to walk through a crowd and dispense a whole keg in far less time than what it would take for each person to come up to the bar. It's a backpack designed to dispense and keep a keg cold. Ever been to an outdoor event and wanted to serve beer on the go? The JetKeg solves this problem. Turn up to the event with one of these and you will be an instant legend.

This product has been designed with durable buckles, strong nylon straps, waist strap and fully hot tape seamed internal lining that is waterproof so no dripping water all over the floor. This product has been designed to take a 5 gallon ball lock or 5 gallon Sankey commercial keg (pony keg) which are not included. The insulated bag will keep the keg cold for hours especially if you fill the bag with ice.

The JetKeg includes the back pack, as well as a beer gun, and 4' of EvaBarrier Gas hose. Click on one of the pictures above for a complete list of item numbers needed for a complete working portable draft system.

Note: The included 4' of Evabarrier tubing is for the gas side, and we urge you to purchase 4' of J49 Clearflo tubing for the beer side. This is because the included neoprene beer line insulated sheath is a difficutl fit with the Evabarrier tubing, and the J49 Clearflo tubing slides into the sheath more easily than the Evabarrier, which is almost impossible to push through the tight neoprene insulator.

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JetKeg Backpack

Review by Wayne on 3/6/2023

I've only used the JetKeg Backpack once, but it worked well. It kept my keg cold, had good ergonomics, and was easy to use. I hope it lasts a long time, as it is going to be used often.

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