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After a year of test brewing, we have finally made a Double IPA good enough to release as a William’s Kit. After trying different malts and hop combinations, we settled on a light European pilsner malt base accented with American Cascade and Simcoe® hops, and fermented with American liquid Ale yeast (Wyeast 1272). The idea behind the light pilsner malt base was to produce a dry, non obtrusive background for the balanced citrus/pine hop load to come through without distraction from caramelized flavors. We leave it to you to judge the final outcome. Alcohol: 7.5%, IBU’s 75.

Includes 10 pounds of blended European pilsner malt and beet sugar, 3 hop additions, American liquid Ale yeast, and carbonating sugar. Makes 5 gallons with a starting gravity of at least 1.074. Ease of Brewing: Intermediate.

Click to download the instructions in pdf format.


This is a photo of our American IPA when it was in the bottle for 11 days.

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Brew with ease

Review by RANDALL on 11/7/2012

Great taste and head retention. easy to make.

First IPA

Review by Greg on 12/1/2012

This is my first IPA Ive brewed, its been in primary for two weeks and I just took a gravity reading and sampled it, its AWESOME!!!! love it already cant wait to try it out of the bottle after conditioning. Thanks Williams great kit.

One of the Best

Review by james on 1/9/2013

Pros: I opened my first bottle Three weeks ago, and I have to say that this is one of the best kits I've made from you guys! Everything worked great - clearly labeled. Great taste - very smooth - high alcohol content...what more can you ask for Cons I finished the batch to quick and I am about to order another kit

Interesting hop mix

Review by paul on 4/28/2013

Nicely hopped, an interesting mix, not too much pine or citrus like some. Nice malt balance too. Different from the classic IPAs here in the Midwest. Mine ended up at 7.9% ABV.

Great IPA

Review by Spike on 7/26/2013

Made this several months ago in a ten gallon batch and it only lasted a few weeks. Try another style and I couldn;'t wait to get back to this Double IPA. Very good IPA. On the site now to buy more.

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Dec 31, 2020 by Dan

Q: What are the hops used in this kit?

A: 1 oz. Cascade at the start, 2 oz. Saaz after 45 minutes, and 1.5 oz. Cascade in the last few minutes.

Nov 20, 2019 by Mark

Q: Double IPA has been the secondary fermenter for 10 days & is very cloudy. Should I extend the Recommended time of 14 days or is it supposed To be on the cloudy side?

A: We would recommend leaving it in the secondary for around 20 days, and then bottling regardless of how it looks.

Apr 19, 2018 by Kathi

Q: At 14 days, the finishing gravity is 1.012. This seems to be far off from your numbers. I should have take a starting one, but I relied on yours. My mistake. So I am trying to see if this is indicative of errors/problems on my end. Thanks for the help.

A: A lower number is actually more desirable. The numbers on the instruction sheet are listed higher in case people do not have a very strong or long fermentation (many things can affect this). 1.012 is great and not indicative of anything done wrong by you, it just means you had a good, healthy ferment. As long as it is not still dropping you can go ahead and bottle.

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