Father's Day Ale Home Brewing Beer Kit

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When you think of your father, or being a father, you may think of pride, work, sacrifice, and reward. The first three are on you, we are here to help with the reward.

Our Father's Day Ale is a strong amber ale in the English tradition, malty, balanced, and full-bodied. Somewhat like our Fireside Ale, except with a less caramelized malt base. This is a strong amber ale in the English style. Alcohol: 6.2%, IBU's 37. <p
Includes 11 pounds of our blended malt extract and brewing sugar, flavoring and aromatic hops, 125 ml of liquid yeast, and corn sugar for carbonation. Makes 5 gallons with a starting gravity of at least 1.069. Ease of brewing: Beginner

Click  to download the instructions in pdf format.

Seasonal, available for a limited time before Father's Day Each year. 

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Good ale

Review by Richard Sasser on 10/31/2020

This father's day ale is one I wished williams made year round. It starts out a little sweet but blends over time. The flavors of this beer is very complex. I have really enjoyed this beer. This is one of my favorites.

Father day ale

Review by Michael W Edwards Jr on 5/11/2019

Kit was great easy instructions beer came out great

Sweet Brew!

Review by Larry on 5/9/2019

On day 17 of fermentation, the gravity was at 1.032, slightly below the 1.035 target, but the wort is still quite sweet, though the flavor is good. I plan to contact Williams to see if I should continue the ferment for a few more days, or if the sweetness will reduce after kegging. Wiliam's Responds: We were contacted and advised him to put the beer in a secondary for an additional 7 days. Also, sweetness is greatly reduced once a beer is carbonated.

An annual tradition

Review by Paul on 5/6/2017

I'm primarily an all grain brewer that does extract batches every so often to keep the taps flowing. I stumbled upon this recipe kit years ago and have continued to make it year after year. Very nice malty beer that's always a crowd pleaser.

Great English Ale

Review by Jon on 5/10/2014

Satisfying ale in the English style. Malty and flavorful.

May 15, 2022 by Justin T

Q: Is there an all grain version? If not, what about an ingredients listing?

A: We do not have an all grain version. For an all grain recipe very similar use, 12 lbs. of Belgian Pilsner Malt, 1 lb. of white wheat malt, 1 pound beet sugar, 1.75 oz. Saaz at the start of the boil, 1 oz. East Kent Golding in the last 15 minutes, and .75 oz. Hallertau Mittelfrauh at flameout. Ferment with Wyeast 1187 Ringwood Ale.

Mar 25, 2022 by Joe

Q: Does the liquid yeast hold up with shipping?

A: This time of year it is fine, in the Summer we recommend ordering a Yeast Warranty box also with purchase.

Apr 10, 2019 by Steve Rae

Q: Are the bittering hops in the malt? Can you add additional bittering hops?

A: No, the malt is unhopped and the bittering hops are in separate packs. You can add additional bittering hops, although this will change the flavor balance.

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