1/2" Silicone Tubing (Sold Per Foot)

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Pure food grade platinum cured silicone tubing can withstand temperatures of 350 degrees F. More flexible than thermoplastic tubing, and a bit easier to see through.  Ideal for piping hot wort into wort chillers. This tubing is 1/2" in interior diameter, and has a 3/4" exterior diameter.  Maximum pressure 5 psi, so this tubing is not for use in pressurized setups, like draft beer dispensing.

FDA compliant for food applications, 3-A certified to Sanitary Standards, BPA and Phthalate free, made in USA.

Sold per foot, when you enter a quantity of 5, for example, you will get one five foot length.

Average rating 8.92307692307692 out of 10 ( based on 13 reviews )

Nice and Flexible

Review by Ryan on 1/27/2014

I like this product over the thermoplastic because it is more flexible. In my brewing setup I needed a flexible hose and this one worked great. Plus I like that you can see the fluid going through it. Even being from the Midwest, Williams had the cheapest silicone tubing that I found.

Excellent product

Review by Bruce on 1/29/2014

This is a high quality product that looks like it will perform for years. It fits the barbed connecters well, is quite flexible, and can be removed easily and repeatedly if you are limited to hose clamp connecting only.

Excellent tubing

Review by Gerad on 10/9/2014

I really like this silicone tubing, it is very flexible, resists heat, is easy to clean, and supports higher flow rates due to its diameter. Though expensive, per foot, I think it will last a lot longer than similar nylon tubing, so I will definitely buy more in the future.

Great Product

Review by Bryce on 10/10/2014

A bit expensive, but well worth it. This is a great product. I replaced a good deal of plumbing on my brew system with this tubing and have not been disappointed. My barbed fitting fit great into it, it's very flexible and durable and it seems to resist staining quite well. I highly recommend this product if you're looking for high temperature tubing.

Best beer tubing I've used

Review by Warren L. on 9/18/2015

This silicone tubing is far superior to the normal silicone tubing I have used in the past. It is more transparent and it does not kink. Far superior to the normal silicone tubing I've used in the past.

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Apr 09, 2018 by Charles

Q: Is this suitable for using with the pumps in an E-HERMS system?

A: Yes, although it gets soft when it gets hot, and will expand if the PSI is over 3 or 4. You might also check out our heavy wall Thermoplastic Tubing, as it is more rigid when hot.

Aug 22, 2017 by David

Q: Hi, Is this NSF51 certified? Is there a product datasheet I can refer to? Cheers

A: It is not NSF51 certified, but it is 3-A Certified compliant to sanitary standards for food contact.

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