WLP001 California Ale

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This is the strain used by many West Coast craft brewers. Produces a clean and crisp tasting ale, and settles out well. Ideal temperature range: 68° to 72° F. Flocculation medium, alcohol tolerance: high.

This new PurePitch® pack includes twice as many cells as standard White Labs packs, and lets home brewers pitch 5 gallon batches with a consistent 7.5 million cells per millilieter of wort, the standard pitch rate used by many commercial breweries.  The pack is resealable, which means you can save money versus buying two packs of the standard White Labs yeast, as you can use half and reseal.

A QR code on each pack directs you to all the information you need to make the best beer with this strain, including a quality report for each lot, addtional specific strain information, and suggested recipes.

Like all White Labs home brew yeast, strains are propagated in the patented FlexCell™ pouch, a proprietary film that allows for one way off-gassing to promote healthy yeast and viability.

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