Optional Liquid Yeast Warranty Box

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We ship liquid yeast year round, but do not provide a warranty on liquid yeast  unless you order this optional yeast warranty. What this includes is separate 2- day Fedex Air shipment of your liquid yeast (up to 3 Wyeast Packs or 8 White Labs packs per warranty pack). 

Our Warranty Box includes the cost of separate Fedex Air 2 Day shipping, and the cost of the foam insulated box and included 1.5 pound frozen ice pack (orders under $99.99 still have to pay a separate Flat Rate shipping charge).

This Warranty Box will hold up to 3 Wyeast liquid yeast packs, or up to 8 White Labs packs. If you are ordering more than 3 Wyeast packs per order, please order multiple Yeast Warranty Boxes. For example, if you are ordering 3 Wyeast packs and 3 White Labs packs, you will need to order 2 Yeast Warranty Boxes to get a warranty.

DO YOU NEED THIS?: We ship liquid yeast that is fresh and kept refrigerated at all times until it leaves our warehouse. Ordering this optional Yeast Warranty Box will insure your yeast is kept cool or at room temperature during transit during the warmer months. If you live in zones 3, 4, and 5 on the map above, is it highly recommended that you order this box along with your liquid yeast. This is not needed for hops or dry yeast. We cannot replace liquid yeast that has been damaged in shipment unless a Yeast Warranty Box was ordered at the time of shipment. Yeast may arrive at room temperature or warmer, but should be fine as long as it arrives within 3-4 days of shipment.

ORDER ON MONDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, SATURDAY, AND SUNDAY: To keep delivery times to 3 days or less, we highly recommend you order your Liquid Yeast and Yeast Warranty Box on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday only.

Average rating 9.26315789473684 out of 10 ( based on 19 reviews )

Good Insurance

Review by ColoradoBrewer on 8/21/2022

I ordered this at the end of July when local temps were in the mid to high 90s. I'm reasonably sure that while in transit my package was in temps exceeding 100º. The package arrived in three days not two, but that is the carriers fault not Williams. Upon opening I noticed the ice pack had melted, but everything inside was still cool to the touch, and a s near as I can tell there was no degradation of the yeast at all - it performed flawlessly. I believe this to be a good product and I will use it again.

average minus.

Review by Robert Bieker on 6/6/2022

I was worried but the yeast was good after all however when it arrived in the local Warehouse for the final leg of its Journey they did not send it the day they received it therefore it's sat in their warehouse over a hot weekend when it was delivered it was left in the sunlight outside of my door a half a day before I picked it up this is south Mississippi and the temperature was in the 80s inside the box it was not hot but it was not really cool either it was like little warmer than room temperature .... for the money would not dry ice have been better William's Brewing Responds: We do not ship liquid yeast warranty boxes on Friday and they do not sit in our hot warehouse all weekend. Orders received late in the week are held and shipped on Monday via Fedex Two Day Air. The yeast stays in the refrigerator until it is packed in the foam insulated box with ice pack on Monday. They are only shipped during the week when they can arrive before the weekend. The boxes are marked 'Protect from Heat' and 'Refrigerate' clearly with flourescent labels. This sounds like a failure of Fedex to deliver the product on time, and a failure of the delivery driver to try and at least keep the box out of the sun. Let us know if the yeast is not viable by calling 800-759-6025 or emailing service@williamsbrewing.com and we will replace it. Sorry for the trouble!

don't ship to AZ in summer

Review by david grubbs on 9/12/2021

I ordered this with the additional ice pack package considering 110+ summer temp. When it arrived, according to my laser thermometer, the ice pack was at 88 degrees. Haven't used yet and bought some expired date sale yeasties for backup. We'll see what happens. I'm certain if not torrid temps, then this would be a good system for the rest of the country, just not 5mo out of the year in AZ. Love William Brewing.

Better safe

Review by Mike on 7/21/2018

I live on the East coast and if buying a couple yeasts, this works great. Better safe than sorry!

Saved my yeast

Review by Steuart on 4/12/2018

This product is well worth the money! My packages was delayed 2 days (weather issues), and if it hadn't been for this box, I don't think my yeast would have been viable when I received it.

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