1000 ml Yeast Starter Kit

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We highly recommend making a yeast starter when using a Wyeast Activator or Propogator pack, even though a freshly swollen Activator will start 5 gallons of wort on its own. A starter will supply more yeast than an Activator pack can provide, assuring the fast start of fermentation, which minimizes the risk of bacterial infection and subsequent sour beer. Making a yeast starter can also revive an old Wyeast pack that has not swollen enough to use. This 1000ml flask size is perfect for 5 gallon batches.

Our Yeast Starter Kit includes a 1000ml Erlenmeyer Flask, Foam Stopper, Anti-Foam, Safety Mit, and 1 pound of Dry Malt Extract as nutrient (enough for 12 400ml starters). Our Yeast Starter Kit is unique in that it includes food grade Anti-Foam and a bacteria filtering foam stopper, so you can boil the nutrient in the Erlenmeyer Flask on a stove without the nutrient foaming over, reducing the chance of infection. Because Anti-Foam is included, starters can be made to 400 or 800ml volumes in the included 1000ml flask.

A gas stove is recommended for the Erlenmeyer flask, as electric burners can cause the glass to crack.

Order a Stir Starter stir plate (see link when you put this in your cart)to increase yeast growth and activity.

Click here to download the directions for our Yeast Starter Kit.

Average rating 9.5 out of 10 ( based on 8 reviews )

Economical deal

Review by bubba on 4/25/2009

Pros: Includes everything you need for effective small-scale starters, at the price you'd normally pay for just a 1 L flask. The antifoam works as advertised, and the foam stopper has the advantage of allowing your starter yeast to be grown aerobically (if stirred).

Great place to start

Review by Joe M. on 2/5/2010

Pros: Everything you need to make a starter; the foam plug is incredibly simple but amazingly effective. At first I wondered why I needed a mitt, but, having a separate one from the regular kitchen stash has proven to be a smart idea.

Very Useful

Review by Brian L. on 2/8/2010

Pros: definitely cuts down the lag time from pitching to fermentation.

Cons: none

Works like a champ

Review by ANDREW on 3/27/2011

Used it for the first time brewing an American Barley wine. Followed directions and had no issues. I had the most violent fermentation I have ever witnessed (thank God for the blow off tube). I used this with the stir plate. Fermentation began in less than 2 hours compared to the 23-36 hour lag from the smack pack. Great investment.

Great kit and value

Review by Denise on 1/29/2014

We used this with the Stir Starter (R40)with great results on our beer. Better fermentation, probably higher alcohol content, and just a good flavor. Glad we upgraded our brewing equipment to include this equipment.

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