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A few drops of this food grade solution will eliminate foaming in your Erlenmeyer Flask when boiling malt solution to prepare a yeast starter. Use two to four drops per 400ml of 1.040 Specific Gravity starter malt solution to prevent flask boil overs. _ oz. dropper bottle.
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Highly recommended

Review by Nathan R. on 10/20/2013

I have used this a couple of times now and it works great. I used 10 drops for a 1.5 liter starter. At that ratio it still foamed up a little bit, but I just turned the heat down to a slow boil and it was perfect. I'm glad that I found this product because it makes yeast starters an easier process by boiling and chilling in the same vessel. Thanks again William's Brewing!

Anti Foamer.... GREAT

Review by Kevin W. on 11/22/2014

Works Great when making yeast starters

Great for yeast starters and boiling wort

Review by Ken Byington on 11/14/2015

I put it in yeast starters, also put 6-8 drops in the boiling wort.

For emergencies

Review by Thomas on 1/29/2016

Handy to have it around when you suddenly need a couple of drops...or a blow off tube.

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Nov 30, 2017 by Jay

Q: How does this product compare to Fermcap (A12)? Same active ingredient? Is Fermcap suitable for yeast starters? Thank you!

A: Same active ingredient, and both Fermcap and Antifoam are suitable for yeast starters.

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