Replacement 1" Stir Bar

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This magnetic stir bar is food grade and is the same one included with our Stir Starter. These are easy to lose, or pour into a fermenter when adding the yeast. This 1" bar works well with our StirStarter and Magnetism Mixer Stir plates.  May vary slightly from picture.
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Slightly Undersized?

Review by Douglas on 1/28/2014

I bought this replacement 1" stir bar because I mistakenly gave the original 1" stir bar that came with my Magnetism Mixer Stir Plate (Item #S03) a ride through my garbage disposal. The replacement bar is slightly smaller than the original one, and although the replacement works, it does not quite have the range of the original. With the original, I was able to get a nice air pocket going on a 2500 mL starter; with the replacement, I'm limited to starters in the 1500 mL to 2000 mL range, beyond which it doesn't generate quite enough stir power.

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