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Versatile small stopper that fits beer bottle tops, and fits the lid of our Siphonless Fermenter to act as an airlock (no need to worry about adding water to the airlock). Use as an airlock for yeast culturing, and even more useful as a sterile shield when preparing. 3/4" diameter, 1 3/8" tall. media. The proprietary foam is heat-resistant, and will withstand autoclaving or pressure cooking, making it an ideal flask plug when preparing sterile wort and agar. The honeycomb structure of the foam lets the plugged flask breathe, yet bacteria and wild yeast are filtered out and cannot reach the media. 

This means you can put your media in a sanitized beer bottle, plug with this small Foam Stopper, start your yeast starter, fully confident that bacteria and wild yeast will not enter the bottle, even during cooling and storage.


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