1056 American Yeast

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A neutral yeast which produces a clean flavored ale. Extremely popular and the yeast to use if you want the classic west coast IPA clean flavor (this strain is used in at least half the commercial IPA's brewed in California). Medium flocculation, attenuation: 73-77%. Ideal temperature range: 60-72°F.

NOTE: This yeast has a tendency to swell at room temperature, which means the pack you get by mail order will already be partially swollen. This makes it harder to determine if the yeast is still viable. We recommend you order American Ale 11 instead (search for our item Y70) of this yeast if you are planning on brewing without making a starter. We cannot honor warranty claims for packs that arrive swollen due to this property. Making a yeast starter is always a great idea!

White Labs equivalent is their U01 American Ale.

Average rating 10 out of 10 ( based on 6 reviews )

Best for West Coast IPA

Review by Tom on 9/11/2021

Ferments clean--if a little slow to finish--at 66-68*F. I prefer to over-pitch slightly to get the cleanest result. Williams "warranty box" is perfect to protect the yeast in shipping during summer months.

Go-to yeast

Review by Tim on 7/28/2013

I live in San Diego. White Labs country. I love their yeast. but my go-to for chico strain is Wyeast 1056. Have ALWAYS gotten a clean flavor, and love everything about this yeast.

Great yeast

Review by Elijah on 1/3/2013

I have used this many times. Always works great and produces a clean flavor.


Review by Jesse on 5/16/2011

I have used this yeast for several varieties of ales. It has worked beautifully on my pale and amber ales. I would recommend using this on your american style ales!


Review by Brian on 5/15/2011

Have used it for several slightly different styles of pale ale and has produced good results with each. Was delivered in good condition

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