Lalvin ICV-D47 Wine Yeast

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Lalvin ICV D-47 is a low-foaming quick fermenter that settles well, forming a compact lees at the end of fermentation. This strain tolerates fermentation temperatures ranging from 50° to 86°F and enhances mouthfeel due to complex carbohydrates. Malolactic fermentation proceeds well in wine made with ICV D-47.

This strain is recommended for making wines from white varieties such as Chardonnay and Rosé. It is also an excellent choice for producing mead, however be sure to supplement with yeast nutrients, especially usable nitrogen.
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Best Mead Yeast

Review by Paul on 4/22/2019

I use this exclusively for Mead yeast. My meads come out perfectly every time. Just double up and use 2 packs per 5 gallons.

Great for Cider

Review by Tim on 11/3/2015

"Enhanced mouthfeel" is for real. Compared to other yeast strains, D47 consistently produces ciders with a fuller, richer character. It also leaves more of the fruit character, both flavor and aroma, in the finished cider. Especially great if you have a low-acid juice. Ferments well down to 50F and handles even lower temperatures, so if you want a long, slow ferment (which for cider is best), this is a good choice. It clears and compacts well, leaving a brilliantly clear cider, without taking away the juice color.

Oct 21, 2018 by Chad

Q: Would i be able to use this to make mead

A: Yes, any wine yeast is suitable for mead.

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