Wyeast 4007 Malolactic Culture

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Produced by Wyeast Laboratories, and needed if your freshly-picked grapes are too acid (common in cool climates, not common in hot climates like much of California). Fresh liquid cultures of L. oenos ER1A and EY2D provide rapid and complete malic acid to lactic acid reduction to balance and soften wines. ER1A and EY2D perform well in conditions of low pH and cool cellaring.

Typical conditions of high wine acidity can be improved by reducing the harsh, sharp malic acid in the wine to the softer and smoother lactic acid. Other flavor improvements including vanilla and buttery notes can be anticipated. Natural occurring malic acid bacteria on fruit may be of inferior quality or quantity to complete malo-lactic fermentation.  Suitable of pH 2.9 or greater and cellar temperatures as low as 55o F. These liquid cultures are ideal for ensuring a complete malo-lactic fermentation to reduce acidity.

Malo lactic can be used at the end of Chardonnay fermentation (add when the yeast is done) to give a softer, buttery note. 

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Rombouer watch out

Review by Darrin Tinsley on 4/17/2021

I used this in conjuction with Williams Chardonnay kit and am super happy with the result

Good Stuff!

Review by Jim on 12/1/2017

After using a different supplier's bacteria with no results for several weeks, I tried this culture. In only a few days, there was good activity as evidenced by CO2 off-gassing. Won't know until it is done, but looks good as of now. And, it was less expensive!

Low acid, soft and buttery.

Review by Brian on 11/19/2012

Did a great job on a Chardonnay. Highly recommmended if you prefer low acid white wine. Stay clear of Potasium sorbate when using this!

Fast starter, good flavor

Review by mary on 1/23/2012

Despite a crazy shipping experience which had my culture exposed to 90 degree weather for almost a week, it started quickly. My wine went from over 1.1 g/L to 7.5 g/L. The MLB also contributed a nice vanilla note, with just a hint of butteriness.

Great for restarting stuck MLF

Review by victor on 6/22/2011

I used this culture to restart the MLF that was stuck when I was trying to make a real buttery Chardonnay. I don't know why the other MLF culture wasn't working but this culture got it going again quickly and completed in about 6 weeks.

Nov 16, 2021 by Jan

Q: Can this Malo-Lactic cultures be used with Cabernet wine? How many gallons of wine can one pouch of this Malo be used with?

A: Yes, they can be used with Cabernet. Figure 6 gallons per pouch of Wyeast Malolactic.

Aug 24, 2017 by Karen

Q: So is this a yeast that can be used for primary fermentation or do you use another yeast and then add this at the end of primary?

A: Malo Lactic is used after the ferment has completed, and is added a month or two after you add the wine yeast and start the ferment. Malo lactic fermentation reduces excessive acid in grapes that are not as sweet, and also works well to lend a buttery character to a white like Chardonnay.

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