Lalvin QA23 Wine Yeast

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Selected in Portugal by the University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro (UTAD) in cooperation with the Viticultural Commission of the Vinho Verde region, Lalvin QA23™ is an excellent choice for wine styles like Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Sémillon, Chardonel, and Gewürztraminer.

Lalvin QA23™ has low nutrient and oxygen requirements, and it has been known to ferment juice at low temperatures (59 °F) to dryness. QA23 is an excellent thiol converter making it a complementary yeast for developing varietal Sauvignon Blanc passion fruit character. It also produces large amounts of the enzyme beta-glucosidase during growth, which allows for the release of bound terpenes in aromatic varieties. What all this means is this yeast is a good choice for white wine, particularly if your ferment will run to the cool side. 5 gram pack for 5 gallons of must.

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Good cider yeast, if you have good juice

Review by Tim on 11/3/2015

Cider is basically a white wine, so this yeast is a good choice. In my trials it produced a very dry, crisp cider with some apple character, quite a lot like a dry Sauvignon. If your fruit lacks character and tannin, this is probably not the best choice (try D47 or 71B instead). If you have some wild apple-crabs or true cider apples, this yeast produces interesting and very drinkable ciders.

Sep 28, 2020 by Sam

Q: Can QA 23 yeast be used for fruit wines?

A: It can be used for fruit wine or ciders and will have a dry finish. If you are looking for a yeast that will leave your fruit wine with a little more residual sweetness, try Lalvin 71B D47 or Red Star Cotes Des Blancs. The Red Star is the most commonly used for fruit wines.

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