Lalvin 71B-1122 Wine Yeast

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The 71B Lavin strain is a rapid starter with a constant and complete fermentation between 59° and 86°F that has the ability to metabolize high amounts (20% to 40%) of malic acid. In addition to producing rounder, smoother, more aromatic wines that tend to mature quickly, it does not extract a great deal of phenols from the must so the maturation time is further decreased.

The 71B Lavin strain is used primarily by professional winemakers for young wines such as vin nouveau and has been found to be very suitable for blush and residual sugar whites. For grapes in regions naturally high in acid, the partial metabolism of malic acid helps soften the wine. The 71B also has the ability to produce significant esters and higher alcohol, making it an excellent choice for fermenting concentrates. 5 gram pack for 5 gallons.

Average rating 8.66666666666666 out of 10 ( based on 6 reviews )

My favorite Yeast

Review by Robert on 10/12/2020

This is my favorite yeast for making cheap wine from grocery store juices. I have not had a failure with any yeast as long as there is at least one-third Concord Grape Juice (Orangejuice and Cran-Mango are fun to try). This yeast is fast-acting (I will often drink the wine in only two or three weeks, but a month or two is better). It is also tolerant of fairly high amounts of sugar/alcohol. But I highly recommend that you try several yeasts and varying sugar levels. Keep notes, and have fun.


Review by Mike on 10/12/2020

Always had good luck with this but, both try’s it would not take off. Purchased locally and it finally started. Think it was a bad. ( checked batch all times and no adjustments were done)

Good for cider as well

Review by Tim on 11/3/2015

Most apple juice has too much acid for a dry hard cider - once the sugars are fermented out, the remaining acidity is too sharp. 71B can ameliorate that by metabolizing some of the malic acid. It also preserves some of the apple character (though not to the same degree as D47) and makes a very good cider. It is more finicky than D47 though - fussier about temperature and sometimes does not clear well for me. Another reviewer noted that it is sulfite-sensitive, so you have to be careful with that. You can use this yeast without sulfiting your juice, to get a cider with some "wild" character.

Great in dandelion Wine

Review by Michael on 5/19/2011

I used this last year in an old family recipe for dandelion wine. The result was far better than I expected. The yeast worked well with the high acid from the lemons and oranges and the sweetness from the added sugars and honey came through in the final product. Pros: I only had to age my wine for 6 month Cons: none that I was aware of

Great yeast

Review by Howard H. on 7/11/2008

Pros: This is a quick starter that has performed flawlessly for me in my fruit meads or melomels. Fruit flavors come through and the wine doesn't finish too sweet or too dry. Best of all is the fact that wine is suitable for consumption after only a few months aging.

Cons: Doesn't work well if fruit has been treated with sulfites.

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