Fermzilla 30 Liter Flat Bottom Fermenter with Valve

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Unlike white plastic semi-porous HDPE Fermenters, the Kegland Fermzilla 30 Liter Flat Bottom Fermenter is made of smooth non porous PET plastic, to make it completely impervious on the inside to krausen and beer film soaking into the plastic, while protecting your ferment from the oxidizing effects of air contact coming in from the outside. This fermenter is not pressure rated, and should not be used with a pressure kit or spunding valve.

• Super smooth PET plastic makes it easy to clean and hard to contaminate.
• Oxygen barrier to prevent oxidation
• Includes a spigot that fits 3/8" interior diameter tubing
• 4¾" wide lid making it easy to clean
• Fermzilla lid makes it easy to add things like a Temp Twister Cooling Coil and KegLand Thermowell for year round temperature control

Perfect for brewing, wine making, kombucha, and spirit wash fermentation. 23" tall with airlock, and 14" wide.

Includes 1 Flat Fermenter Tank, 1 Airlock, 1 Valve, 1 Fermzilla Lid (not pressure rated), and 1 Adhesive Strip Thermometer.

 IMPORTANT NOTES:  Do not put liquids inside this tank over 140° degrees F. It will melt the tank. Do not use for pressure ferments, as the tank will rupture or explode!
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