2" Tri Clamp Hop Bong Lid

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The Polyketone 2 Inch Tri-Clamp by PCO1881 Male Thread End Cap. Perfect to use with L26 2" Tri-Clover Hop Bong. Also fits our items C35 and D80 carbonation caps, as well as all 2" Tri Clamp fittings. This is needed if you want to make a hop Randall out of the L26 Tri-Clover Hop Bong. (so you can cap both ends).

This product is made from high quality engineering plastic and will last a very long time.  It's chemically resistant and also designed to resist impact and physical damage.

 The thread specification on this product is the PCO 1881 (AKA Coke bottle thread). This item comes with item G62 Tri Clamp Pressure Lid.

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